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Constipation IVF

Hi just wondering what anybody would suggest for constipation while on buseralin, going to start 2nd fresh round of IVF with ICSI.

Found on my first round was very constipatated and again while on the 2WW was waiting in the two week wait which then resulted in me straining and I think this might have been a negative impact in on egg attachment as I felt like a pop then bleed, tested on test day and was a negative, just wondering what any of you ladies used to kind of help with that I eat loads of fruit but wondered if there was anything else natural that won't affect my eggs or embryos.

Have a good day xx

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Hi Tamtam1. Not sure what you mean by petrol egg attachment?? One of the worst things you can suffer from when going through treatment. However, I think that your safest bet is to try something like “Fybogel” which is a bulking agent for constipation, and will soften your stools, so that they are easier to pass. It’s a natural fibre that you mix and drink. You can get fibre to sprinkle on your cereal too which may help. If you do get “bunged up, try "Lactulose" which is liquid and if you prefer something in tablet form, “Senokot” would help. If all else fails, you will have to see your GP, but I think you will find that he/she recommends the same. If you do go to your GP, just make sure whether whatever is prescribed, is cheaper to buy “over the counter” – if available. Remember too that constipation will not affect your treatment cycle. Diane


I found that starting the day with hot water with a few slices of lemon has really helped in terms of 'movement'.

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I find the best cure is not to strain but to practise relaxation when you are sat on the loo: sit upright and breathe in/out deeply, and focus on your breathing. More often than not this gets things moving!


Hi Ladies

Thanks for this @ Diane type over sorry blooming touch type 😁


Hi Tamtam. I experienced the same and my Doctor told me the only safe relaxant to take during the 2ww was duphalac, half a sachet mixed in some warm water. I also found high fibre cereals to have helped like all bran. wish you all of the best :-)


Hope this attempt is a success for you! Fingers crossed

I find one senacot before bed is brilliant but check the box as I didn't take it during my 2ww

Prunes really good for getting you moving! If you don't like the tin variety Holland and Barratt do some really nice dried ones. I cut them up on my Greek yoghurt with dates or figs and some nuts and bit of a honey. It's yummy.

I would try different vegetables you know not just fruit. I find fruit is not that good as it can be citrus-sy and sometimes makes me feel bloated and gripe-y! But when I eat veg with every meal it makes a huge difference. Broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts the best! But I love all green veg so I'm lucky. Some people don't.

All bran, the original plain one, is very good too.

Wishing you lots of luck for this attempt

Oh and also apparently you straining to go to the toilet has NO impact on embryo implantation. A lot of ladies were worried on here and I also asked my clinic about it, As I struggle going sometimes, and they confirmed pushing has no impact.

Try and fit in some walking briskly too, to keep everything moving through your system. Hard I know as the meds can make you feel tired and grumpy

Take care xx


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