Hello everyone🤗

I am new here....my and my husband are trying to conceive for more then 2 years now😔 I am 28 and he is 34, we were devastating to find out that he got low sperm count and his motility wasn't good either. We have our appointment with the fertility consultant on 26 Jan to move forward to ivf. I never thought this will ever happen to me😥😥😥

I find it so difficult to see pregnant women around, i di feel happy for them but in the same time so unhappy for myself. Even imagine that when we found out about my hubby problems, both of my sister in laws feel pregnant. I hope i will find the support i nedd right now in here, as i do not talk about this with anyone, than my hubby. But I don't what to bother him to much, as he already thinks is his fault we have to go through all this.


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  • Hi there,

    Wish u all the luck

    We are on the same boat, im 28 too and my dear husband is 40. Trying to conceive for 2 years.

    It was hard for us when got his test result it's the same problem ( low count and mobility issues )

    Just don't talk to him about that never. Coz each time u show him u r unhappy or u become touchy when seeing other pregnant women I think that hurts him a lot.

    Enjoy your mariage and don't ever give up still young though.

    If you love him, try to make him ( you as a couple ) happy by showing him strength and patience plus love. Xxx

  • Thanks so much.... xxx

  • So sorry, good luck with ur IVF journey x

  • Thank you xx

  • Good luck, I think we all have those feelings of wanting to be happy for others but feeling sad instead xx it's a difficult journey. Good luck x

  • Thank so much xx

  • Hi just wanted to wish you good luck. It's a lovely supportive community on here for anything you need to talk about. I'm 28 also and my sister is about to give birth any day. I can totally relate to your feelings of being around pregnancy it's incredibly difficult. Xxxx

  • I'm in the exact same situation, I'm 30 and my partner is 39, low sperm count and motility. I have my appointment with the consultant tomorrow to discuss what happens next. Feeling very excited and terrified! Only yesterday my partner said he would understand if I left and had a baby with someone else if IVF fails!! I told him he was crazy. I think we just need to remind them a lot about how much we love them. I'm also a midwife so I have slowly become immune to being surrounded by pregnancy, however I still find it painful when people I am close to have their babies. Everything you have expressed is a completely normal reaction. Sending you all the luck and love in the world, let us know how you get on x x x

  • Thank so much, it is incredible how many of us are in the same situatie. I do love him, and i hope one day will have a baby too. Good luck for tomorrow please let me know how u get on... all the love for u too xxx

  • I want to say sorry. Of course you should support him right now. I know it's not my cup of tea but what tells your doctor?Is there any chance to get any good husband's sperm?

  • Thank you. All his blood test come back fine, so the consultant said we can have ivf with his sperm, so i do hope that one day i will be a mummy 😊

  • of course you will. If the consultant said there is a chance to get pregnant it would be. they know more I suppose. that's their job to save people like us and give them a little hope to be happy. I'm so glad you had good news. what about your husband? is he excited about it?

  • I am excited because doesn't metter how will happen, if the ivf is to be for us i am more than happy to go ahead. He is happy but always asking, what if it won't happen?!? I do think it will happen one day 😊

  • Wishing you all the luck, this whole experience is so stressful, and without even trying puts even more stress on a relationship (however strong). My husband and I have been trying for 5 years, I'm 32 he's 37, he also has a child from a previous relationship. It can get really tough sometimes.

    Every time I hear of someone getting pregnant, it breaks my heart a little as all I want is that to be me ... so I understand how you feel, but we are strong women and our dreams will come true .. one day xx

    sending you lots of love xx

  • Your right, if we believe it will happen to us. But it is so hard seeing pregnant women around 😔Much love to you too xx

  • Hi, I was in the same situation as you are your husband. My husband has a very low sperm count and morphology. We never thought we would be able to get pregnant. He felt guilty about this too. We managed to get pregnant twice via icsi (sadly 1st cycle ended in miscarriage) the second cycle I had a short protocol and I'm 26 weeks pregnant now. I know how you feel -thinking it may never happen but you have as much chance as me or the next person. At the time It was an emotional rollcoster for me and my husband, but i constantly reasured him that he was loved, and that if we were to never get pregnant,that it would be ok and i would still love him the same. Good luck ☘x

  • In my mind i still think one day i will be a mummy, i do love him to bits and i don not talk about this anymore with him. But is so hard, holding all in. And i am so glad I signed up for this network. Thank so much for all your support.

    Did you pay for your treatment or u went nhs.

    Thank you xx

  • Welcome Maria_k88. Sorry to hear about your fertility hope your appointment goes well. Everyone on here is great and any questions just ask xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Hi Maria_k88 I just read your post and we def are in the same situation. I have hard time to be around pregnant women and pregnancy news from very close friends are devastating, I didn't even know I can cry that much!!

    My husband blames also himself but at least for my husband it got easier when the time passed. We have know over year now that our infertility is male factor related. He still asks sometimes questions like would I have married him if I would have known about this then and of course I would have! The best you both can do is to support each other and have both delegate for the treatment as find time to be together, do things together etc. And we both have change also our diet (add more fruits, greens, fish etc to diet and cut back wheat products and alcohol to the minimum) and I don't know is it the diet or what but my husbands sperm count and motility has been better (still not great but better). You can google about infertility diets but use common sense with those, you shouldn't believe everything.

    We are here to support each other and I have my fingers crossed that you only need one cycle of treatments! X

  • Thank you for your kindness...it is hard when they ask us those questions 😔 I am feeling like crying every night when i go to bad , thinking about what is happening to us. Hopefully this year will bring us what we are waiting for so long now xxx

  • Hi is eating healthy as he stopped smoking one year ago, when we found out about his problems and since then he is doing his best bless him, eating healthy going to the gym ☺️

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