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Nearly there

Hello everybody

So that's our waiting nearly over and on Wednesday I will take first tablets metformin and norethisterone. Staying at work until 25th when I start menopur .. Decided to sign off as I work shifts different every day and timing would be impossible to do as I am in busy stressful shop where's quite hard manual work too.. Think I will just book couple clients for nails which I am no really sure if can do any harm but its relaxing and u have to talk away so time will pass faster x excited much hope my body won't go too mental and folicules will grow some good eggs for us x anybody out there starting same day or close plz stay in touch good luck to u all and stay positive xx

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Good luck Miroslava! I'm glad to hear you're getting started. We have our first appointment a week today (eek!) so hopefully we'll get started after that.

Take care x


Hi Miroslava! How exciting. I am waiting to be able to start the pill so me and my egg recipient can get our cycles sync'ed up. Fingercrossed it should be around the 18th. Do you know if you're doing the short or long protocol? Good luck, keep me posted :-) xx


Thanx for replying girls x that's me started this morning x I went thru all my paperwork again and again put everything In the diary just scared I will forget something or do something wrong that will ruin the chances x thinkin of you all... lots of luck and love x


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