Womb lining - how do I get it nice and thick?

When I had my day 9 scan they measured my womb lining as 7.4 but I have read that it has to be above 9mm to give the best chance - does anyone have any tips that I should be doing to help thicken? I thought the doctor would have flagged this up unless the lining thickens each day and she thinks it will be thick come ET? Iv heard baby aspirin helps and anything that increases blood flow so I was thinking ginkgo biloba? Any help would be fab! Thanks x

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  • If things weren't on track the clinic would have said so. There's still time to go before your ET.

    Good luck for tomorrow's EC.

  • Thanks pm27! I hope your doing good, when's your next scan? X

  • Going tomorrow, hopefully can start next lot of meds and have EC later this week.

  • Mine was 8mm when I was sent for transfer and our little emby took, I'm now 6 weeks pregnant. So I think you'll be ok x

  • Thank you for the re-assurance - congratulations on your pregnancy that's amazing news! Xx

  • Don't worry, mine was low as well but they didn't worry about this as I had a few days to go. I am also pregnant now BTW!

  • I was told eating 5 Brazil nuts and drinking a glass of pineapple juice helps 😊

  • Hi. .. my advice which I have got from friends and family. Drink 2 and a half litres of water a day. Have coconut milk and pomegranate and raspberry smoothe. Also acupuncture helped me. My lining was 10mm and that is rare for me. Do not think you should take asprin, i read up loads on it too. It could decrease your chances in the long run.Good luck.

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