Pain on my side and lower Back and just about to start IVF

Hi. I was wondering if anyone can help or advise me . I am due to start my third round of IVF on Monday ( the other 2 failed) and I am currently experiencing a lot of pain in my right side and on my lower back, a stabbing like pain , which comes and goes and I need to take painkillers to relieve it. My 3rd round of ivf was already delayed 6 months as I went under a lot of tests as I had the helicobactor bug in my stomach . All that has cleared up and the consultant said I probably get a pain on my lower abdomen from a slow colon which he also thinks I have. He did a Colonscopy and an endoscopy on me . Anyway the pain is in my lower back and the pain on my side is severe the last few days , and I am under duress as I want to start ivf Monday. The GP practice I go to have absolutely no interest whatsoever in helping me. I am out of my mind with worry as I am now 43 and every month that is passing is like a year to me . Maybe the pain will pass over the next few days and it's still 5 days until I start injections. I don't think there is any point in ringing the IVF clinic as they don't really want to know other problems either! Just wondering if anyone could give me some advice as I am feeling very alone x

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  • Do you have a raised temperature? I had similar sounding pains at Christmas which I thought was an ovarian cyst- it turned out to be a kidney infection and because it was ignored by the doctor I saw, I ended up in hospital for 4 days on IV antibiotics. I would call your IVF clinic- you have nothing to lose- and if your body is telling you it's in pain then it's doing it for a reason. I hope you feel better soon and this cycle works for you. Xx

  • Hi, this could be a few things but a kidney infection is possible and needs treatment. I know you've said you don't find your GP helpful but I think you need to see him/her. Maybe see a different one in your practice. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Thanks girls. I had been to the GP on Tuesday and he said my urine was clear but he sent it off to the hospital anyway . I went to a different GP today in same practice and he said there are preliminary tests back which indicate an infection. So I am on antibiotics for 5 days so hopefully it will be cleared up by Monday . Thanks so much for your support x

  • Make sure you're drinking lots and lots of water to help flush the infection out of your system too. Best of luck for Monday. X

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