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About to start IVF

Hi everyone,

I'm just looking for some advice and to hear your stories please. I'm about to have surgery on November 20th to remove more build ups of endometriosis and remove both of my Fallopian tubes which they say they have to do before we can start IVF. Only once this has been done can we start the IVF process which we are looking to do as soon as possible. But I feel a bit in the dark about what happens next and when? Has anyone else had to have their Fallopian tubes removed before starting IVF? One of mine is completely blocked so it's useless anyway, but the other is just partly blocked and I'm not sure how I feel about having that one removed too as up until now every month we've always held hope of a 'miracle baby' getting through. So is it necessary to take both? And if so, how long is the recovery? And how soon after are we likely to start IVF? It's taken FOREVER to get to this point and everything finally feels so close but yet so far! It's a very stressful and confusing time, any words of wisdom would be gratefully appreciated

Thank you xxx

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Hey welcome to the journey! I had one tube removed about 10 years ago I had an ectopic in the same tube twice. As my other tube was blocked they just cut the tube and stitched it back together. However the second tube was removed earlier this year as it had a build of up fluid in it caused from the stimming. So embryos had to be frozen until I had the second tube taken out so there wouldn't be any further complications down the road. . I total I've 4 unsuccessful goes and this is my fifth go and I'm 10 weeks pregnant (10 weeks on monday) . The tube was removed before this frozen transfer I had.

In total I've been trying for 15 years after one tube came out 12 years went by thinking about maybe there's a slight chance of a miracle baby ... but not for me... and ivf was the only way.

If the tube is no good your best off having it taken out just incase you develop a hydrosalpinx like I did as they are common and can harm an embryo if it happens when your pregnant.

Good luck on your journey x

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Thank you so much that's really helpful and reassuring. It's such a rubbish situation to be in. So happy for you on your 10 weeks! Congratulations! :-) I wish you all the best and triply hope everything goes really well for you. Thank you for replying xxx


Hey hun

I had both tubes removed in July. I was sore for a few days but was back at work 4 days later and horse riding a week later. Just take it easy at first. I started my ivf in September so it wasn't too much of a wait but that was private. Are you private or nhs? Xxx


We will be NHS but then move private if our free NHS cycles don't work. Thanks for your help :-) xx


Hi, I was told I was infertile as one of my tubes were clubbed and the other slightly damaged. My world felt like it ended. A week later the consultant explained to me in simple terms that because of the damage my tubes would essentially poisen any embryo that made it and leaving me unlikely to fall pregnant even using IVF. I chose to have them both removed, and after a few months wait for the IVF to start I fell pregnant on the first try 😊 my little girl is now 2 and we are trying for our 2nd (and final) baby... we had a failed frozen cycle recently and we are now waiting to start a fresh cycle although it's a shorter wait as we are now private, the consultants have changed at our clinic and the wait is taking forever! Even 4 years after having my tubes removed I sometimes wish I hadn't chose that path just encase it could happen naturally... and my monthly cycle feels like a constant reminder. But I am certain without that path my little girl wouldn't be here today ♡♡ it'd tough but something we just need to deal with in the best way we can x

Good luck with your journey, I wish you all the luck we had with ours x


It is such a tough decision. Long term I know it's for the best it's just hard to have to deal with. Was your first baby born (congratulations 😍) through NHS IVF? Or were you private then too? If you were NHS then what has made you decide to go private now? Will the NHS only fund one baby? private vs NHS is also something we have been discussing so it's interesting to see that two ppl that have replied are going private. Thanks for the advice xxx


Hi, i have had both fallopian tubes removed, they were completely messed up and damaged my consultant said that they had to be taken out as there was no use for them because of the amount of damage and blockages also as IVF is less effective and there is less chance of IVF working with a blocked tube, and the fluid can affect an embryo so alot of consultants advice is to have the blocked tube removed. I ended up being off work fro a month but this is because I ended up getting an infection couple of weeks after the op so your recovery may be quicker than that! Just take it easy and rest up as much as you can. I have just finished our first round of ivf but unfortunately it was unsuccesful at this time, due to start the next in around 5 months so keeping positive! Good luck on your journey, hope it all works out for you :) x


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