When does the worry end?

After the joy of getting a positive, went for my 1st scan at 6wks 6days. Came out numb and slightly devastated. Basically they couldn't see clearly from the scan what is the situation and didn't see what they normally would. They said it might be 1 of 3 things. Either I already lost the pregnancy or it is an eptopic pregnancy or slow developing pregnancy. Non of these are good news. Had a another blood test and just got results. Hormones have increased. But scan and hormones just don't tally so redoing test a week later. The good or bad thing (lost my sense of perspective) I've never had any bleeding or unusual pain. If am honest I feel absolutely normal. Is this normal to be this way. Am trying to cling onto hope and be positive, especially as most of my previous scans have always been difficult to see any way due to my fibroids. But this time I am seriously worried:(

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  • Hello. Firstly huge hugs. Secondly, I know how your feeling right now. As this happened to me in December last year. Got my positive and then went for my seven week scan and it all went wrong. And went through loosing it to it could be eptopic to we will let you miscarry normally. I found I just had to take it day by day. Still took all the meds to but that also was affecting my test results to. So took longer to work out what was wrong exactly. I hope you find out soon and its good news. But if is not what you want to hear then you can get through it. Wishing you lots of luck. ๏ธXxxx

  • Thanks piglet12. It's actually reassuring to know not a weirdo and know whatever the outcome will have to move on. It's the uncertainty and not knowing that gets to me more than anything.

  • I'm always a but surprised when ladies have scans at 6 weeks or so, as my clinic insisted that we wait until after 8 weeks (even though I was bleeding) as they say you cannot see anything properly until then. Hopefully this is the case with you and the next scan will be more positive x

  • My mom thinks 6-7 weeks very early also, but then she's very old school :) She also thought they shouldn't do a vaginal scan but I've just went with what the clinic said trusting they're the experts. Hoping they wouldn't put me through all this stress for nothing!

  • I am sending you big hugs and hope everything will be fine!! xx

  • Thanks Ines and hoping the same for you.

  • Hope everything is ok x

  • In my last pregnancy they also thought i was ectopic as bloods were very low but increasing but they give me the bad news on a friday to exspect the worse all weekend i cried and stressed but a vaginal scan showed everything okay 1 at 5 weeks and 2-3 more 6 and 7 weeks sadly i did lose the baby but there was no reason why i worry it was the stress of being told its ectopic but they said there was no reason best of luck and positive thoughts xxx

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