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4 Less follicles after SIS pipelle?

I had a SIS pipelle proceedure on Monday (last week) and they decided to dilate my cervix under sedation. They said they had to 'scratch the lining of the womb' to increase the %. I've been on Merional 450 for 4 days and went for my 1st scan today (Friday)

I was told that on Monday I had 6 follicles on my left ovary and 1 on my right. Today, I find out I have 2 follicles on my left and still 1 on my right. What happened to the other follicles? I am gutted. The nurse asked someone else to come in and confirm her findings. I thought the drugs were supposed to increase the number of follicles? Can anyone suggest what might be going on, or what I have done. I have a low AMH and I'm worried this will be the first and last time. I was hoping for maybe 8 or 9 at least, but to be told only 2, maybe 3 I'm beside myself and very tearful.

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Will your clinic go ahead with IVF with only a few eggs. I ddon't respond to drugs, so only 3 eggs max. The round that worked I only had 1 egg! It was perfect and worked! Low AMH makes it hard to make lots of eggs. More important to have healthy ones than quantity.


Thank you so much for your reply Filmgirl.

I don't think I'm responding to the drugs. I hate injections and yet I am trying to do everything I can. My partner and I both had a few tears this morning in bed when we read your reply. You have given us both hope, and we are hanging onto 'quantity not quality'. I am worried that they won't go ahead with a couple of eggs. I know they say it only takes one, but we have spent so much money with this (other surgeries before I could be offered IVF). Thank you for your kind words and words of hope. I am so pleased to hear you were successful, gives the rest of us out there hope. x


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