Hi, Sorry if this is a stupid question but I've just started my first cycle of IVF and I was wondering if the number of follicles will increase after cd2 or will they just get bigger? I had a shot a week before my period and when I had my scan today before starting my daily injections and the dr said I had four follicles on my left ovary and none on my right so I'm just wondering if there any chance that might increase or should I be preparing myself for disappointment?

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  • If you are just starting the follicle stimulating drugs, they should bring about more follicles x

  • I'm about to start menopur is that a follicle stimulation drug?

  • The menopor will increase your follicles when I started I only had three and then went on menopor for a week and half and ended up with twenty follicles by the end but everyone does respond differently to the medication and different dosage xx

  • Thank you so much Jupiter1234 that really points my mind at ease. Sorry for the silly question.

  • Hi Madhatter, I thought I'd just share what my experience was. I had 6 follicles on the right side at my first scan (when I started with stimulation), and then it didn't actually change massively. I didn't respond very well to the stimulation, they only grew very very slowly and I had to be on stimulation for 13 days I think. At the end they retrieved 7 eggs, 5 fertilised over night and they put one blastocyst in and froze 2. Good luck to you!

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