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Egg's & Embryo's

Hi ladies...Happy Friday :-)

So, egg collection last Friday:

12 eggs collected

2 degenerated eggs

10 eggs to use + ICSI

My blood pressure stayed quite low for ages after coming round and they were talking about putting me on a drip, but it slowly increased.

Didn't feel over sick afterwards, but was sick on the way home.

Got the progress call on Saturday morning. Only 4 out of the 10 had survived and fertilised overnight :-(

We were obviously disappointed that it was less then 50%, but there was still hope.

Day 3 progress call on the Monday....all 4 were still there and developing!! :-)

They were 6, 7, 8 & 8 cells which the clinic class as top quality, but as they were all so similar, it was too difficult for them to pick the best one to do a day 3 transfer.

They wanted to continue them to day 5 blastocyst for transfer which is meant to stand a better chance anyway, but obviously there is a risk they may not get to day 5....something that had played on my mind for a while.

They don't get checked on day 4, so we were only due to find out how they had done when we went there on Wednesday for a possible transfer....

I was quite surprised at how long it took me to get over the collection...even on transfer day (before procedure), I had some cramps still. Whether it is my endo playing up after all the drugs, I'll never know!

Anyway, the exciting part.

Ended up with:

One hatching blastocyst on board :-)

One blastocyst frozen :-)

Two being given an extra day to see if they catch up to be frozen the next day

We had a 5ab and a 5ba in the grading they use, but I can't remember which one was put back in (oops)...but we did see it on screen and wished it well on its next journey.

He said there isn't much difference between the two, but the one transferred has been at the right progression stage all the way through, whereas the other one has had a little spurt to catch up...

We found out yesterday that the other two didn't get to the right criteria they were looking for to be frozen, but at least we have one.

Now we have the dreaded two week wait!!

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yeyy! well done chicky - good luck! fingers crossed for you x plenty of funny movies to keep you and your embie happy! x


Keeping everything crossed for you!! Have lots of laughing and distractions for the next 2 weeks!!! :-) xXx


Yaaayy well done!! :-D That's fantastic. Wishing you lots of good luck for the two week wait :-) xx


That all sounds great!! Well done. We've got our ET tomorrow. Stay chilled out during the 2WW xx


Hope this next two weeks flys by Hun. Best of luck xxx


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