Day 4 transfer

Day 4 transfer

We received the fantastic call this morning that all three of our embies were still fighting πŸ€—

One good day 4 morula, one 8-cell embryo (progressing a day behind expected) and one still progressing but unclear if it will catch up or arrest.

Because we had a clear leader we were called in for a day 4 transfer. Once there we had another chat with the embryologist and it was decided we would have two transferred and they are now both back where they belong πŸ’•

The remaining embryo will be given the chance to catch up and be frozen, although it looks unlikely.

We are ecstatic to have gotten this far, so excited and nervous; it's safe to say a few tears have been shed!

Thank you all for your support these past few days❀️

Now we enter the craziness of the 2ww 😲

The photo is a pre-transfer one, thought you all might want a giggle πŸ˜‚

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  • This is great news ☺️ put your feet up and relax x

  • Thanks beauty xx

  • Fantastic news and love the photo! Wishing you a tranquil 2WW and a BFP at the end of it. Xx

  • Thanks MrsB xx

  • Hey there. Just thought I'd check in and see how you are. OTD must be soon now? X

  • Hi MrsB 😊 Yep OTD is Sunday so nearly there thank god. The 2ww has been the usual challenge especially as I have no symptoms....and despite knowing this doesn't necessarily indicate a failed cycle I can't help but feel anxious. Only 2 more sleeps until I'm put out of my misery though🀞xx

  • Good luck. Really hoping you get your BFP. X

  • Wonderful photo! x

  • 😊 xx

  • Great news xx

  • Thanks Aga xx

  • Great news. All the best for your transfer xx

  • Thanks Emmalou xx

  • Great news x

  • Thanks Pumpkin xx

  • Just wanted to wish you luck! We took a picture of us before transfer too, those gowns and hats dont half make us look daft eh?! Ha ha ha xx

  • Thanks Cinderella, they certainly do πŸ˜‚ xx

  • Lovely happy picture x

  • 😊 xx

  • Brilliant news Mrs and great pic. Get your feet up and take it easy and ket wee double trouble in there do their thing.

    Wishing you lots of luck and love xx

  • Thanks LBM xx

  • Great news, great positivity and great pic! I'm in for (hopefully) day 5 transfer tomorrow but was really stressed by my update call this morning as quite a lot have dropped off. Your positivity is making me smile now though. Thx and all the v best of luck x

  • Aww thanks skatty, it's a really stressful thing to go through isn't it? From what I've read the day 3 to 4 progress is the most dramatic which is why so many are lost - so in my eyes you have a good chance of having some fighters for tomorrow, fingers crossed🀞 Just remember it only takes one and as someone else quoted on here recently/ previously 'expect the worst and hope for the best' - it's all we can do ❀️

    Will keep an eye out for an update from you xx

  • Lovely pic, a happy moment and wishing you hope and luck on your journey xx

  • Good luck πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thanks button xx

  • Wow you two look ready for business! I just went in normal clothes and hubby was beside me in nothing special. I feel we were underdressed lol

    Good luck in the 2ww x

  • Ha ha, they were definitely taking it all very seriously, we had to lighten the mood by taking a selfie πŸ˜‚

    Thanks xx

  • Best of luck πŸ˜˜πŸ’™πŸ’•

  • Thanks TTCs xx

  • Lovely pic! Wishing you lots of luck xxx

  • Thanks Strawb xx

  • All the very best β€πŸŒˆπŸ’‹

  • Thanks Lesno xx

  • Good luck everything crossed for you both 🀞xxxx

  • Thanks Daxi xx

  • Great update, good luck for the 2ww and fingers crossed all your envies will keep on fighting! xoxo

  • Thanks Nesfin xx

  • Nice photo! So happy faces!!! Good luck!

  • Thanks burkeee xx

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