ET Done..waiting for new life to beging

So, ET done today. Feel elated, excited, nervous and apprensive. To those who've read my posts you remember I had 7 fertilised eggs 4 from ICSI and 3 from IVF. Well interestingly we has 3 blastocyst which could be transferred all from the ICSI camp which leads me to believe that maybe why we couldn't conceive naturallyrics as all the IVF ones didn't progress past day one...they just died in the process πŸ€”interesting.

Anyway we had two transfered of high grades 4AA I think and one similar grade frozen. I was given the option to only transfer one and freeze two to avoid any risks of twins bit we both wanted to get the show off the road so we've taken the gamble.

Now for the gruelling wait...xx

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  • Best of luck 2ww buddy!! We can try & keep each other sane during this time!! X

  • Absolutely. I'm off Monday and Tuesday next week then back to work as normal trying to stay busy but not stress!x

  • We fly back Monday & my partner goes back to work self employed so left the diary empty for feb-not sure if sensible or not as I'll have too much time on my hands & be skint!!πŸ˜‚

  • Good luck Buffy! πŸ€

  • Sending you lots of luck for your 2ww, rest but keep your mind busy! Especially after about day 4 as that's when the impatience sets in! Good luck xx

  • Ahh good luck buffy!! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xxx

  • Baby dust to you Buffy21. I'm on 2ww too! Already going crazy lol and only just had 5 day transfer today!

  • All the best to you too xx

  • Sounds great, good luck!! xoxo

  • Wow that's cool ur clinic tried I've and icsI. My husband has no issues with his sperm yet icsi is all our clinic do as they say successful rates are higher. We are on our last NHS cycle and looked into private options. .consultant there said we should be on ivf as no issues with sperm..trying both would at least maybe give u more options..I might ask this if I need too. So excited for you. .now take care of you and your two embies...grow grow embies grow xxxx

  • My partner had all the test no issues at all with sperm came back with high mobility and count. Yet none of our IVF developed past a certain stage but all our ICSI's did. Now how to explain that?There's still so much they don't know and they need to keep an open mind. Trust your gut instinct xx

  • This world is a minefield. .I think I start to understand it then bam something else happens. .I think it is mostly down to luck so am sending you loads and loads xxxx

  • Lovely grades that have gone in, well done and I have everything crossed for you that it's a bfp at the end of it xxx

  • Thank you Emma-Jane xx

  • Sending lots of luck Buffy πŸ™πŸΌ Come on embies!!! x x x

  • Good luck! Hold on little embies πŸ™πŸΌπŸ€žπŸ»

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