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roller-coaster of emotion

I had no idea what a roller coaster of emotions this ten day wait would be. One min I'm feeling positive next min I'm crying because I think its not going to work and wonder how I'm going to go back to work and pretend everything is normal and its fine to look after other people children when i cant have my own. Then wonder how we'll afford to try again. Driving my self mad

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This reminded me of my 2ww. I was off work and so up and down. Despite trying to find distractions, with little money, I was analysing every little thing. I do know how you feel. I would try to distract yourself. try to meet up with someone for a break, watch movies, do something you like that's not too strenuous of course. I'm sorry I have no words of wisdom, just try to find some distractions. I might get some craft things for next time. Good luck x


thanks for your kind words. x


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