Clomid or wait?

Hi ladies, I'm new here and need a bit of support/advice. I'm 38 and been ttc for a yr and a half and am really starting to feel very down. Had HSG (hideous) and sperm tests and all good so been prescribed clomid and if that doesn't work then IVF. I never thought I would be in this position and am really down. I want to give it a chance to still happen naturally but is that stupid? I know the younger you are the better chance with drugs / ivf etc. should I give up on nature and start the drugs? Just don't know what to do. Feeling v. sad :( xx

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  • Hello Alp77, I am sorry to hear that you're feeling down. Struggling to conceive is such an emotional roller coaster so it's natural to be feeling low.

    Are you being prescribed Clovis because you're not ovulating?

    A few weeks ago I was having the same dilemma as you. I eventually rationalised it like this: I don't want to have IVF. None of us do. I want to conceive naturally. But, unfortunately this hasn't happened and IVF gives us the best chance of achieving our dream! So, we start our first round on Tuesday. I'm praying so hard that it works for us.

    It's of course entirely your call whether to start fertility treatment or to keep trying naturally. I just wanted to share my own experience and hope it helps. Either way J wish you the best of luck!

    Take care x

  • Hi Hopeful1982, thanks for your kind reply. I'm confused why I've been prescribed clomid - I had the day 21 blood test which showed I had ovulated. I guess they think Clomid will make sure I'm ovulating every month but I don't really understand it. It is such a difficult decision and I'm worried about going loopy on the drugs as even the pill gave me depression and mood swings :( so hard to figure it out. I seem to change my mind every day about it. I don't want to give up hope we can conceive naturally but am I just wasting time? :( xx

  • Hi Alp77, I'm not a doctor so can't really advise on the Clomid but unless they think you're not ovulating I can't understand why they would recommend it. Maybe it would be better to repeat the blood test another month and see if you get the same result. Don't be afraid to question the doctor.

    I also agree with dreaminpink. At 38 you don't want to be wasting time. Make sure you have all the knowledge of waiting times etc for IVF treatment as (if you do decide to go for this option) it can take a while depending on the area!

    Take care x

  • I would try ivf after a year and a half of trying, if you wait another 6 months your odds may beless under ivf........also I know my area only did nhs funding till 40 so if you waited you may not be able tp get it funded.....I had my little boy with ivf at 38 im trying again, odds are alot lower the older you get so I would certainly consider ivf.good luck xx

  • Thanks dreaminpink, what you say makes alot of sense. I think I'm just finding it hard to accept that it's not happening but hearing your success at my age helps so thank you. Need to do some serious thinking xx

  • I think I need to speak to my doc with a list of questions including why clomid is needed, what blood tests I can have and what the waiting time for ivf is - I guess we could refer for ivf now but try with clomid - it could be months waiting anyway - will make an appointment tomorrow - anything else I should ask? Thanks so much ladies and good luck to you both too xxx

  • Hi Alp77 I know it's hard to get your head around the fact that after trying naturally for so long it hasn't worked and you might need some "assistance". I also believe clomid is for people who don't regularly ovulate on their own natural cycle. Sure, give it a go for a couple of months but perhaps consider iui too. If it's not on your list of questions then perhaps ask what your FSH blood levels are and request an AMH blood test as gathering as much information as possible will help you make decisions about the best treatment for you. Very best of luck and take care xx PS people do have babies at 38 and older x

  • Thank you HopesforLuck, I will ask my doctor about those tests xx

  • I was prescribed Clomid by my doctor after a year of no luck and when all tests on me and hubby coming back as fine. The Clomid sent me loopy and after 4 months we decided to go to a private fertility clinic. Their tests showed hubby had poor morphology and our chances of conceiving naturally were slim, Clomid would not have improved our chances at all and may have hindered things due to it making my womb lining thinner. We were advised to have ICSI IVF. Anyway, it worked and I'm now 5 weeks pregnant. Clomid does work for some people but if you're not sure if it's best for you then definitely get a second opinion.

  • I must say I have felt the exact same way your feeling. But I just see it as receiving every help you can get can increase your chances of getting pregnant so it can't be bad. Just see it as medication aiding in the natural upcoming events πŸ˜‰

    Wishing you every success x

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