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In our postcode (Somerset) we were entitled to 2 goes on the NHS so had one go with my eggs didn't work got 1 egg and it didn't fertilise. So on the NHS waiting list for donor eggs... that was 13 months ago. We realised it was a long wait so in the mean time we went abroad last October and we had a chemical. Went again this February and a BFN. Anyway that's where we are now...

So I called our UK hospital asking about our second go on the NHS and they said there is ANOTHER 13/14 month wait! So that will be a 28 month wait?! 2 years and 4 months??!! On the NHS they need people to come off the street and 'donate' these wonderful women get nothing for it and put themselves through all the drugs an turmoil for someone like me to have a chance to have a baby. But an example over the last year our clinic had 73 women enquire about donating their eggs and out of those 73 only 13 actually donated over a year so you can see why the wait is so long! Of course some wouldn't have made the criteria age weight etc my clinic said since the law changed for the baby to contact its genetic donor at 18 less women are offering their eggs. We have 20 couple above us on the waiting list we need 10 of these wonderful women to donate.

For the record the postcode lottery as it is, for Somerset changed in April last year but as we were accepted before this change they will honour it. We get a minimum of 4 eggs from donor (her eggs are spilt between 2 of us) plus any FET if there are any to freeze. They will only put 1 back in me as despite my age they go by the age of the donor who will be under 35 so NHS policy applies 1 only.

Oh.. and I'm 40 in September and NHS max age is 40 but as I'm on waiting list this doesn't matter ... I will be knocking on 41 at this rate but at least this won't matter.

Sorry to put such a long post but thought it could be useful NHS info for others waiting/wanting NHS DE.

As for me we are saving for another go abroad... no waiting list just need to save but only need Β£2000 this time for treatment as our 3rd go (they discount each go by €1000) so hopefully won't be long to save!

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  • Hope you get the money soon blondy your right it's really not a lotxx

  • Hi blondyboo please could you could pm me what clinic you are at? I'm in Somerset and we will be looking at DE but we will have to pay for treatment.



  • Hi Blondyboo,

    Thats seems like a crazy timescale to be waiting although I appreciate the NHS dont get many donars.

    Do you not know anyone who would be willing to be your donar?

    Our consultant said if you can find your own donar they will go with that.


  • No can't find someone and use their eggs. All we can do is find someone then first on list get their eggs and we get bumped to second on list.

  • Our hospital was pretty honest with us about the timescales and I tried to do the same... be put on the two year waiting list; have treatment and return. Big fat no. It's unfair. But I think it highlights - that while I completely understand why anonymity is taken away - fewer women want to donate and few women understand it's importance at such a young age when eggs are at best. If regulators want this to work the MUST raise the awareness of DE conception and remove its taboo.

    Good luck with your next round xxx

  • We were told 6 to 8 months originally! And no contact with updates from them I have had to ring them (they said if longer wait we would be informed of the progress)

    I agree with you more awareness needs to be done. I didn't even know you could donate eggs before I started this journey!

  • We were told 6 months too! It's a bit poor when it's so important xx

  • It's crazy isn't it. I got dropped by nhs mid fertility tests becos of going over the age threshold during that time.i still harbour so much anger about it as if they hadn't taken so long between tests I might have got as far as getting a go on the NHS. As it stands got no goes.

    Thank goodness u r at least on waiting list so u have that to fall back on but the wait time is ridiculous!! I was lead to believe wait times for uk weren't bad any more but I was enquiring privately-surely the egg bank availability would be the same tho whether private or NHS?

    Great news about the clinics discounting policy! That's much more manageable than the original starting costs!! Hope u can get out there again soon xxx

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