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Struggling with the waiting around for news

Hi every one one.

Feeling quite low at the moment, struggling to get through the day without feeling down and upset whilst we wait for further news.

We’re waiting to hear from our clinic to see if they have found a suitable match for our egg donor, the wait is breaking my heart!

So difficult and upsetting just learning to be patient and wait for that phone call so we can process.

Finding it hard to be around any children and babies of friends and families without my heart hurting and wanting to burst into tears.

Eager to get started with treatment as soon as we can and just hope that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

How did any of you lovely lot cope with the wait for news of treatment/donors etc? Was it unbearable or easy because you knew what stage you were at? Does it get better in time?

Thank you 💗❤️ Xx

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Hi Charley. Its always so scary waiting for news especially with fertility things, I had to wait months for my laparoscopy to check my tubes were OK I was originally meant to have it on the 23rd December and it kept getting cancelled and pushed back, I had it a week ago have one blocked tube which they unblocked now I'm still waiting to see if I can get pregnant on my own, it so scary and I don't think the feeling ever goes away for us until we get what we want, just remember that doctors and treatment these days is amazing there is so much they can do to help!! Keep your head high and remember to keep smiling as we only get one life. Stay positive wishing you all the best!! I hope you get the news you want xxx


Hi jasmine,

No I don’t think that feeling of worry, upset, anxiety ever leaves you once it starts up.

For me it’s also the thought that I’ll never naturally conceive and knowing it’s out of my control.

Yeah definitely compared to years ago when there was nothing doctors could do to give you treatment etc.

Guess we have to count our blessings that we can have assistance with our dreams of becoming parents.

Thank you and to you! ❤️ Xx

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Hiya, the waiting associated with different aspects of treatment is definitely difficult to deal with. I’m hoping you get your donor match soon and your treatment can begin. I know it took me and my husband a long time to finally decide on having DE treatment and then I was so anxious to get started straight way once the decision was made. Good luck xxx


Hi Dunla, yes it’s very hard.

Me and my husband had no other alternative to have donor egg sadly. We were told by our consultant that was the only way forwards.

It’s a tough thing for anyone to go through no matter what course of treatment you’re given.

I’m worried and anxious about actually starting treatment once our donor is found... just don’t want anything bad to happen in between progressing and the final stages. Fingers crossed it all works out for you also 💗


Thank you, keep me posted on how things are going for you xx


Hi Charley,

I'm so sorry you are struggling and I totally understand how you feel.

I've been trying for 4 years have seen a million doctors and clinics and have just been diagnosed with the menopause I'm 37. I haven't been able to be around anyone with children for months and have lost friends I look away when I see a pregnant women I just can't Handel the heart ache, so when I read that you experience similar feelings I really identified. I truly hope the wait isn't too much longer, it's easy for people to say be strong but unless they have been through it it's hard for them to understand, good luck and be stong! I'm currently crying in the toilet at work so I'm not one to give advice about being strong but I'm thinking of you

All the best X



I can sympathise with you a lot... I was diagnosed with early menopause and premature ovarian failure at the age of 27, I turn 29 this year and it’s still very new the news of my diagnosis, hard getting my head around it.

I struggle with babies and pregnancy a lot, my husbands sister is pregnant and due in May... I can’t really be around her or be involved in with the pregnancy as it’s just too hard for me. Hurts so much.

I don’t wanna be an aunty yet before I’m a mother myself.

Thank you... I hope it doesn’t take too much longer either.

Bless your heart ❤️ it’s such a horrible thing to have to deal with so I feel for you getting upset. I have days where I want to cry and be angry at the world, then other days I’m positive and a small part of me is happy.

Good luck! 🤞❤️

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i havent had a donor so i cant comment on your experience but sending lots of love. Hoping that you receive that phone call soon xxxx

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