Hello all.

We had our consultation today. And I'm very grateful that our new doctor is one that was there when our scan did not look right for the pregnancy. And also has done most of my transfers, was there on one of my egg collections, and always came and said hi to us when we were in the waiting room. Made us both feel replaced and at ease. I did cry in front of him, but that was useful because he said it gave him a clear picture of what state I'm still in. And recommend that we don't go again until March or April. And also that to save us a consultation fee, when we are ready just phone up. Which is lovely. Also discused about increasing all my

Meds from the start. And baby aspirin? What ever that is. Also will be speaking to counsellor soon. So all though not fully over the misscarriage yet. Can now feel we can begin to move forward. Lots of love to everyone else. ️Xx

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  • Hi piglet. How .lovely to hear that you both saw your understanding doctor, which counts for so much at this time. It’s obviously still early days for you, so the advice he has given you is good. “Baby Aspirin” is low dose soluble aspirin, used to ensure that the womb lining doesn’t clot and also ensures a free flowing blood supply. It is often recommended when there has been a failed cycle or miscarriage. You will continue to get stronger I’m sure, and will know when the time is right to go forward again. BIG HUGS from someone who realises how strong you have been, both with yourself and supportive of others. Diane

  • Hello Diane. Thank you very much for your very kind words and hugs. Means a lot. We were very relieved it was a doctor we knew. Thank you for clearing up the baby aspirin thing for me. Never been suggested before. Is that because we were nhs now private? I'm feeling better day by day. Thank you once again. X

  • Hi piglet12. My pleasure! Soluble aspirin is often offered when a patient has suffered several miscarriages or failed attempts at IVF – NHS or private - to ensure adequate blood supply to the womb and placenta. So pleased you are starting to feel stronger – well done! Diane

  • Big hugs! Xx

  • Sending you big hugs Piglet12 xxx

  • Hi Piglet, Glad your appointment went well. Wishing you best of luck with your future treatment. Hopefully speaking to the counsellor will help you feel a bit better too x x x

  • Glad that went well Piglet. Another step on the journey forward. Don't worry about trying to get over the miscarriage. I don't think you ever get over a loss like that but it will get easier and you find ways to cope with the bad days. Lots of love xx

  • Sending you lots of luck and best wishes for the next few months xx

  • Glad you saw a kind, understanding doctor who knew some of yr history. A relief not to have to go back to the start with someone new. I think it's right you should wait a few months and have a few periods too. Just to heal inside and emotionally too. As you say we'll always think about our loss but having the next attempt to focus on is a positive step forward. I have my next transfer date set for early march, and whilst I'm positive about the second attempt, part of me is very scared too.

    I may ask my clinic about the aspirin thing too. Take care. And here's hoping the next shot will be THE ONE! For both of us xx

  • Hey honey

    Glad your are felling even. Little tiny better stay positive.

    Looking up baby aspirin now

    Much hugs to you xxx

  • Hi Piglet,

    I'm glad to hear your consultant already knows you, it helps if they are nice!

    Your consultant is probably right in suggesting a break before trying the next round of treatment, it'll give you a bit more time to recover physically and emotionally.

    Hope you next round is successful.

  • Hello to all lovely ladies who replied thank you very much. means a lot. I normally reply individualy but my phone seems to be playing with silly words. So will try tommorow. Lots of love. ️Xx

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