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Hey guys! Well had ec last thurs - as you may be aware the fluid in my tube couldn't be drained - therefore any embroys will have to be frozen until I have my tube removed! They told me this after collection. In a way I'm positive but Id had it in my head all along that tues would of been transfer day! Oh well. I've been ok yesterday pain wise but today I've been in pain in one side - anyone know what that can be? Pain feels like a build up to an eptopic pain - and hurts when I pee. I'm going to try and ride it out with paracetamol and if it continues il call the clinic or go to the doctors. Is this normal? Xx

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  • Hello. Sorry it did not go to Plan. I would just ring clinic to Inform them. So they know. It could be because of your tube causing pain and also it will be quite uncomfortable. Hope this helps a little. Lots of love. ️Xx

  • Hi thanks for your reply - seems to have eased off now, so fingers crossed it's gone! Xx

  • Hi samrakkar. Obviously I was sad to hear that all didn’t go well, especially when all is

    planned out in your mind. However, I feel they have taken the best course of action,

    and your little embryos will be quite safe until needed. Best to get the tube sorted as

    excess fluid is known to interfere with implantation. I think the pain you had was

    probably leftover from egg collection. A lot of prodding and poking about goes on, so no

    wonder you’ve been sore! Just keep an eye on it, and obviously should it reoccur then

    off to your GP. I really hope all works out well when you eventually get for embryo

    transfer. Diane

  • Thanks Diane x

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