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Constant Battle!

Hello lovely ladies.

I am new to this site and will try to keep this as brief as possible.

I am 32, with severe Endometriosis and have been ttc for over 3 years. In June 2014 the gynaecologist I was under re infertility informed me after my Lap that my only option for a baby was IVF and she was going to refer me straight away, but allow 3-4 months to hear from them. November I chased up and was told would be called back...no call back. December I chased up and told the same...no call back. January chased it up and today seen the same gynaecologist to fill out a referal form as system changed. From the lack of communication and what was said today it turns out no referal was ever made back in June 2014! So still at the starting block! So upset and angry at the moment as now it will be months to wait for this referal to go through and to see if get an appointment or on a long waiting list! I also suffer from depression and have been off my antidepressants for a year now as I didn't want to be on anything so I have a clean body for the IVF to have the best chance. So I have been really struggling mentally and now got even longer to wait and try push through. Along With the endometriosis pains and symptoms too!

Ever since I was 13 I have had to battle with GP's, doctors, specialists to be listened to about my body that I have Endometriosis and only in June 2014 did someone dare listen and do the Lap which confirmed what I thought all along. During infertility tests I have had to fight for a right diagnosis as one person said my tubes were blocked when they did the HSG, an other said they were fine..turns out the first person was right that they are blocked.

Sorry Rant over!

Also I am due to be refered to the Care Fertility, Nottingham. But I see on the form there was also the choice of NURTURE, Nottingham. I know people can't comment on here due to the rules, but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with either of these clinics or both and would recommend? If so please feel free to private message me. Thank you in advance.

Thank you for taking the time in reading my post, especially as I am still on the very bottom rung of the IVF ladder. Reading the posts on here are very inspirational, informative and supportive.

Best wishes to you all x x x

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Hello, sorry to hear you are feeling so down just now. I also suffer from severe endo, the pains are just a constant reminder and are so hard to deal with


Hello debs1082, Many thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Sorry to hear you have severe endo too. The constant fighting of trying to feel relatively "human" is so disheartening isn't it. Wishing you as many pain free, endo symptom free days as possible x x x


You poor thing- no-one should have to fight as hard for the treatment they need as you have. This isn't a suggestion, just a story about something that happened to me- I took an overseas job in the Middle East due to financial reasons (student loan/lack of house deposit and pension). I got private healthcare as part of my package (no NHS here) and was surprised at how many fertility things were covered, or at least partly covered. It's not for everyone and I can't wait for the day I can move home and live near my friends and family- but I was surprised by the amount of people I met out here who had taken jobs solely because it was the only way they could access IVF. I'm 33, 13 months TTC now and about to start Clomid. Had the HSG at 11 months, paid £200. If no joy after 6 months I'll move straight to ICSI or IVF- I was also diagnosed as gluten intolerant by a gastro doc at my clinic- which happened very quickly. I am incredibly thankful that I've been able to get this process moving so quickly- I really hope they get their backsides in gear for you soon. X


Hello kernishp,

Many thanks for your reply and wishes. I hope they get their backsides in gear soon too. Thank you for sharing your story. Sorry to hear you are having issues ttc. I hope the Clomid helps. Unfortunately it had no effect for me especially as I am not ovulating much. It is a shame that sometimes the only way to get the best attention/treatment is to go private. But not surprising that many people are turning to it to try get answers sooner. I wish you all the best and hope you are back near your friends and family soon x x


Hi Squidgy. So sorry to read about all the let downs you have experienced. It’s never easy dealing with the symptoms of endometriosis at the best of times. All I can really say is to maybe contact your consultant’s secretary from time to time just to see whether you can get an earlier appointment. As you say, we cannot comment on clinics on this site, but rest assured that the HFEA (Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority) check out all the UK clinics on a regular basis, in order that they are “up to par”. I do wish you well with all this and hope you soon get under way with treatment. Diane


Hello Diane,

Thank you for taking the time out to reply to my post. Much appreciated.

Your information re the HFEA is a reassurance. As the Gynaecologist has never really gone through the processes of IVF, funding, clinics, etc.

I have asked the secretary to let me know when our referal form has been sent off so we have a date to then gauge when to chase up. I hope we don't have too long a wait to hear from the IVF clinic and get started soon.

Once again thank you x x


Hi squidy. My pleasure, and of course I wish you well with all of this. Diane


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