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Any answers would help

Hi all, I've suffered with horrific period pains since I first started my periods and as i have got older they have got worse. I have had 5 miscarriages all before the 12 week point with the last 3 years. Before i had a miscarriage i remember going to the doctors telling him how my pains were happening in between periods and he said it was ''Ovulation Pain''. Now these have happened and the pains i get just don't feel healthy at all - Stabbing/sharp pains at the top of my leg also with back pain and headaches and tiredness. I have been for blood tests to see why the miscarriages keep happening and there not coming back with any cause. I know there is other tests that can be done but I live on the Isle of Man and the health care is not great here. I have came across reading about Endometriosis and all the symptoms sounds so familiar. I have been messed around by the hospital over here - after everything they wouldn't even give me a smear because I am not yet 25. I am thinking of getting this all tested privately. Can anyone advise on the best women's hospital specialized in Gynecology please? I need answers after 3 years and no explanation.

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Hey. Sorry to hear of yr troubles. And 5 miscarriages is a lot. And yr so young, so yes it definitely needs looking at I believe. I've only had 1 and it was so upsetting and hard so I really feel for you

Can you not get refereed to a gynecologist through yr doctor? Surely they can do that. Can't believe they won't give you a smear. That's crazy. But to be honest that wouldn't diagnose endometriosis. You should have an internal scan really. But really a laparoscopy (key hole surgery) is the only way to truly diagnose it and properly see where it is and what organs it's affecting. It's a simple procedure and yes can be painful/uncomfortable afterwards it's manageable with pain killers and most are back at work after 1 to 2 weeks. Everyones recovery period is longer

It does sound like endometriosis. I always had horrific periods, but just thought I was unlucky so never looked into anything else. and in my 20s and 30s I never really had pain at other times of the month. But I was exhausted all the time. But I did have an office job and two bar jobs! Lol

It was only when I married late and then started trying for a baby all these endom / fertility problems reared their ugly head.

So my advice to you is.... yr still young so hopefully your fertility isn't fully compromised. You're ovulating, falling pregnant just not holding them, but you have time to resolve this now before you get older, like me! I'm 42 and wish I knew about endom etc when I was 25! But you must push to see a gyne or like you said pay to see a specialist. You will be treated seriously at a private appointment and I'm sure you will be tested for endom. But you shouldn't have to pay to see someone really. It's not fair. Yr doctor should send you to a gyne after 5 miscarriages and your other issues about pain etc.

Also read about adenomyosis. Which is similar to endometriosis but it's purely in the womb. Rather than growing outside the womb like endom

I hope you get some answers soon. You must push this point with yr gp, cry, shout do anything you have to! Sounds bad that I'm suggesting that. But I was fobbed off at age 38 with IBS initially when I went about bad periods and not falling pregnant. You'd think at that age I would have been sent for further tests. Particularly as the cut off point for Ivf on the NHS is 40! But it took me seeing another GP 6 months later and breaking down in tears to be finally sent for tests. The scan showed endom and then I had two laps. Surely Isle of Man have gynaecologists

Good luck. Hope you get some answers xx


Sorry typing quickly on phone. Meant to say everyone's recovery time after lap is different not longer!


Read this link. Nobles hospital. Isle of Man. I would ring them direct and ask how you go about getting an NHS appointment



Sorry just spotted you had problems with the hospital in Isle of Man, so assume it was nobles hospital! So ignore my last post if that's the case. X


I've sent you a private message x


Hey my sweet

I have also had major pain, large clotting and some..... It used to have me so I couldn't go to work or leave the house without having an accident all my bedding and clothes used to be soaked within minutes. I would use a pack of towels within an 1 hour or so that's 2 at a time and some.

I was on medication which did help but.caused an adverse effect as I was numbed from.waist down therfore couldn't feel a thing even when I was leaking out :( sorry for the graphic description.

Anyways after many visits to docs and deciding to go for IVF they found several fibroids inside my womb which cause miscarriages and painful an heavy bleeding. Even though a few years prior when I did visit and they done the tests they told me nothing was there then all of a sudden it was I knew something wasn't right.

So after a major op and a ugly scar tidy but ugly on the caseran line which I can live with my periods are now much better, lighter and much less painful in fact now I don't take any relief when it's here sometimes I now forget I have come on.

I can't suggest a good hosp as this was done via my GP who.referred me but she solely deals with gynecological issues but if I was you demand the doctor to refer you to a specialist for scans it could.either be endo or massive fibroid.

Wishing you get this all sorted out soon.

hope that helps

Xx good luck


A few things for you;

When I was at the Fertility Clinic yesterday I saw there is a research (and I think drug trial) study being carried out on ladies who have had multiple miscarriages. If you're interested see the following link; miscarriageshttps://www.responseresearchstudy.co.uk/Home.action

As Hope 23 mentioned there is a condition call adenomyosis which can cause miscarriage but is very hard to diagnose. More info here; adenomyosisadviceassociatio...

Finally if you would like to find a accredited endometrosis centre please have a look here;


It is a list of all the gynes in the country and what they specialise in. Even some gynes do not understand endo (I've read some awful stories on the Health Unlocked endo support site) so look for a specialist clinic with more experience of endo.

I have endo and was fobbed off with painkillers for four years before getting a referral. My gyne was a fertility specialist and told me that my endo could not be treated surgically as he could risk damage to my bladder and uterus but I have been since told that other ladies have had this operated on successfully by specialists.

Good luck. Start with your GP but don't give up if you don't get anywhere. It can take time but you have to be persistent xx


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