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Help with finding answers

Everyone on here are goin through some terrible times.

I feel like after 18 months and 3 losses were only at the beginning.

It makes me so sad, even working on a maternity unit seeing women who have this pregnancy lark so easy and they’ve no idea what and how lucky they actually are.

Everyone women on here is so strong and I hope I’m strong enough to go through more invasive test and struggle on through till we get our happy ending that’s if are relationship after 10 years is strong enough.

I think we’ll maybe try private now after nhs is so long, waiting to even see ur consultant is painful.

Has anyone been to any private hospitals for re acurrent miscarriages and been seen and dealt with? I just feel like hope left us with the first pregnancy.

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Sorry to hear of your losses. It must be extra hard working in a maternity unit. I don’t have any advice about going private but sounds like you need to see someone ASAP about recurrent miscarriage- I hope you can get some answers soon.


Hi, I am so sorry to hear about your recurrent miscarriage. This is such a terrible and unfair experience. I had a miscarriage once. I know how awful it is... I think you should sick help. If I were you I would go private to do further test. I am about to do another attempt and they are going to give me some blood thinner because they believe that my blood is too thick and this could have been a cause if my miscarriage. I have fibroids too and my consultant said to me that could also be the reason for it. A friend of mine had the same experience as you and she saw a physio who said that her womb had slightly tilted. She did some exercises and managed to get pregnant naturally. I went to see that physio but sadly it did not work for me. My womb was fine... everybody is different. I hope other lady on this chat will be able to give support and help. I also found that I had better ivf results witness acupuncture. Maybe it is something you can explore. Although I never gave birth to a child. I hope you will find answer to your questions soon. Take care. Xx

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Hi S-wind. Usually after suffering three miscarriages, you are generally referred to a recurrent miscarriage clinic for further investigations before proceeding with more treatment. Perhaps this is the way forward for you? Speak to your GP and good luck. Diane

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Yes do make use of the NHS service as Diane suggests as all the tests will be free. Based on my experience we had about a six week wait for our first appointment but our consultant booked all the blood tests and initial scan of uterus at the appointment. it didnt take long for those results to come back. X


Yeh we’ve had all those test and came back normal. She didn’t test my thyroid and diabetes so had them tested. Awaiting results on weds when I see her. What test do they do next? I was hoping to ask if she’d let me try clomid but I don’t think she will. I think she’ll prob try blood test on different days to see if my hormones are ok like progesterone, fsh others not sure which I’ll have to do some more research.

Thanks for ur help it’s just taking so long xx


These are the tests I was offered;

•Prothrombin G20210A Variant

•Factor V Leiden mutation

•Day 3 FSH

•Day 3 LH

•Day 3 Oestradiol


•Free T4

•Total 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D

•Total 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D3

•Total 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D2

•tTG IgA Antibody

•Cardiolipin M

•Lupus anticoagulant


•Pelvic scan

We couldn't get AMH tested on the NHS so did this privately. We also asked about sperm analysis and were told that if we were getting pregnant it wouldnt be a sperm issue (& later got high sperm dna frag diagnosed privately!)

. We did get karyotyping of the tissue following our next miscarriage and the identification of chromosome mutation led to genetic testing of our blood but still got an unexplained diagnosis.

The Miscarriage Association have a leaflet; miscarriageassociation.org.... Perhaps you could call them to discuss which other tests you should be offered?

I do hope you find some answers x

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Thankyou so much. We see her again tomorrow. I feel so scared and emotional about it. It’s just real and I don’t want it to be 😞 we haven’t managed to fall pregnant since our last loss in August last year it’s heartbreaking I’ve no idea as to why. Possibly missing the egg, stress I don’t know.

Thankyou so much for ur reply xx

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Saw the consultant today, she checked and took some swobs doin a sperm analyses and bloods at day 3. Also having that dye treatment to see if there’s any implications. Scared to death but it’s nothing compared to what everyone else is goin through think I need to get brave 😞 Thankyou for ur response means so much to me xxx

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I'm so glad they're sorting out some more tests. Its so horrible not knowing what to ask the consultant and I always felt they were pressurised for time. I've not had the dye treatment but I've had a scratch but I'm sure some other ladies can let you know what to expect. X

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