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Any help with feedback on embryos ladies?


Hi all

So called today for day 2 update (even though they said they wouldnt update me til day 3/2moro, but what the hell i paid 6 grand and not like they have to disturb them to check as on time lapse imaging so some info least they could do lol)

Anyway i wanted so idea of quality as have provisional appointment for 2moro for transfer even though theyd prefer me to wait to day 5. So having read some of the posts on here i thoight theyd give me some letters as a quality rating but no.

Thet said one embryo had 4 cells and one had 6 cells and some fragmentation so not as good as the 4 cell one. Have any of you any idea if this is good or bad? I only have the 2 so dont want to risk losing any before i have a chance to transfer.

Anybody any opinions on whether i should insist they transfer both 2moro or hold out to day 5?

Thanks in advance....

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I thought they didn't like to get them out of the incubator too much and that's why you don't get a daily update. Not sure about the time lapse thing.

I'd go with the advise of the embryologlist. They look at these embryos ask the time and are the experts

Usually by day 3 they like them to b 8 cells, so I'd imagine the 6 cells cud b ast that tomorrow but really it's hard to tell.

Thanks lovely.x

They only grade them with numbers & letters at day 5 I think x

Ah right i see. Thanks

I'm by no means an expert but can share what I learnt while they were talking about my embryos..

I don't know anything about day 2 as I didn't get an update then.

But by day 3.. 6 to 8 cells is considered normal with 8 cells being better than 6.

And the more fragmentation there is the less likely an embryo is to implant, that's not to say fragmentation rules an embryo out totally as it depends on the degree of fragmentation.

As for grades I dont think they grade until day 5, I didn't get any grades until then anyway

Good luck for tomorrow, ask them for loads of details and what they embryologists would recommend transfer wise as they really do seem to know their stuff xo

Thanks. Thats informative. Will ask about the degree of fragmentation tomorow.x

My clinic they don’t do 3dt they do day 5 . They have better success rate on day 5 transfer . Good luck hun xx

Yes my clinic not keen on day 3 but with only 2 i'm scared i'll have nothing to transfer. Thanks

At day 3 my two embryos were 7 cells and 8 cells. I waited till day 5 (which was nerve racking!) and the 8 cell embryo had begun fragmenting and the 7 cell one was of good quality.

Not sure if this helps but I choose to wait because they have more info by day 5, but you do run the risk of losing them...

Thanks. Did you put one or two back in? If one which one?

We only put the one in and the other one wasn't going to make it due to the fragmentation.

If I’m remembering right, my clinic said they would do a day3 transfer if we had less than three embryos still going on day 3, or a day5 transfer if there were three or more embryos to choose from. I think growing them in the lab to day 5 just helps them select the stronger embryos as they can see which are doing better. It doesn’t actually make the embryo stronger. So I would be tempted to ask for a day3 transfer of one or both embryos - back on board is probably the best place for them. But I’m sure your clinic has lots of experience and will know what best for you. Good luck! xx

Nobabyyet in reply to Kcrochet

Thanks...yes i'm thinking as only 2 of them may as well just put both in on day 3. Will see what clinic says 2moro.x

Hi, my first ever go at IVF was a 3-day double transfer & bingo got my BFP & now 3 year old DS. Not so lucky trying for 2nd though... had 2 FETs both single 5 day transfers, both BFNs. Last year we did a new fresh cycle again 3 day double transfer & got BFP. Sadly ended in miscarriage but not one to give up am in middle of another fresh cycle. My advice is listen to the embryologist however last year they gave me option of 3 or 5 Day, I chose 3 as just seems to work best for me. Good luck 🤞🏼

Nobabyyet in reply to Hope76

Thanks thats helpful. Yes my gut is saying put both back day 3 unless they are both super strong.

Hope76 in reply to Nobabyyet

Useful info here regarding cells etc

Nobabyyet in reply to Hope76

Great thanks

Just to say as a poor responder, in 7 IVF cycles and transfers I’ve never had a blastocyst! The well known clinic I’m with very much treated me as an individual as a lot of their “normal” day 5 advice didn’t apply to me. I am currently pregnant with a day 2 transfer where the embryo that implanted was either a 1 cell or an average 2 cell. To say we didn’t hold out much hope was an understatement. Try not to get too hung up on what “should be” and chat in detail to your clinic (and listen to your gut) Good luck x

Nobabyyet in reply to Olderwiser

Thank you and congratulations. Wonderful story. So pleased for you

Some clinics never grade them. They are so small and changes can happen moment to moment. So much so that now they are generally starting to use embryos they previously discarded and getting similar results. Try to just focus on positive thoughts and vibes. Good luck whenever you transfer xx

Nobabyyet in reply to Camillage

Thank you Camillage

First cycle was a day 2 transfer as all my others didn’t make day 2 and they told me that the best place is back inside- got a daughter from this cycle. 3rd cycle a day 5 transfer as I had 4 good embryos left so they had room to wait and see. I think if your clinic is happy to wait till day 5, it will certainly give you a piece of mind about the likelihood of implantation as they can tell you a lot by day 5, certainly doesn’t mean it’s better than a day three, just more certainty of quality and development. Sometimes day 3 don’t make day 4, if you transfer it on day 3 you wouldn’t know this, if it was left to day 5 you would know. I don’t know, I personally think for my sanity day 5 was better. Good luck xx

Thanks.... never thought of it from that point of view i.e. save me 2 weeks wondering as opposed to just being scared to miss out on having a transfer. Thanks for your input.x

Really interesting feedback from everyone. I had the same issue where this clinic will only do an update on D2 and D5, despite it being easy due to the time lapse. My prior clinic updated me every day despite no time lapse.

My clinic will also only transfer blastocysts on D5, so everything else goes in the bin. Out of my 8 fertilised eggs, only 2 made it to blastocyst and the rest were scrapped 😪 So disappointing - one made it to a blastocyst on D6 but as it was a grade C or D they wouldn’t freeze it. They grade on D5 usually. Good luck!

Nobabyyet in reply to GwinBlue

Hi Gwin Blue and thanks for your feedback. Read your story and sorry to hear you've had such a tough journey. Hope you get some answers soon.x

If there are only two and one is already showing a little fragmentation, id defo have both back tomorrow as your £6k includes a transfer! Is it your first transfer? But they are both at a good stage in terms of cells, fingers crossed!!xx

Nobabyyet in reply to Orla9298

Thanks orla9298. Yes i had been thinking same but embryologist managed to talk me out of transfer this morn with scary talk about the uterus fluids not being the same as they would be if the egg travelled down fallopian tubes naturally etc. And better environment at day 5 and also as one egg not as good/ not seperating evenly he said if put both back 2day and get pregnant with twins the weaker one might die and take the other one with it. As day has went on wished i hadnt listened to his scare tactics as know i'll be gutted if i lose even 1 now before saturday. Nothing i can do now but wait tho.


I had this dilemma too and in the end decided to transfer at D3. My embryos were graded as average which means they were less likely to form blastocysts, and the fragmentation was between 25-30% . I decided I’d rather they take that chance inside me than outside. I considered how upset I’d be if there was nothing to transfer at D5, and so had 2 of the best transferred. There wasn’t a happy ending as I got a BFN, and none of the rest made it to blast either, but I felt I’d done what I could and don’t regret it. I did ask the clinic for their advice and it was pretty much to do whatever I felt best with, and what would cause me the least stress.

Good luck deciding!

Thanks for that. Embryologist gave me a load of scare stories this morning about doing transfer today so opted for day 5 as he had wanted. Regretting it now but nothing i can do except wait and hope they make it to saturday and blastocyst.

What an awful attitude from the embryologist! I’m sorry you had scare tactics used.

I have my fingers crossed they develop into blasts, your transfer is easy and you start your 2ww soon 🤞🏼🤞🏼🙏🏼


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