First Scan

Hi All,

Had my first scan this morning it was so amazing to see there was a few tears between us both. We are both over the moon and sooooo delighted our little bean will be due 22nd August 3 days before mine and my twin sister Birthday and 2 days before my younger brothers. Not only the best Christmas present for me and my hubby but also going to be the best birthday presents for us both as my hubbys birthday is tomorrow New Years Eve. :) Xxx

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  • Lovely, fab, brill news! How great for you both to see your bean! So made up for you. Xx

  • Thankyou so much Hope23, It was just amazing to be able to see the little heartbeat. We both are so happy my hubby has just gone off to work with the biggest smile ever across his face i can't see him getting much work done. I have another scan in 2 wks when i'll be about 8 wks. XX

  • Oooh if he/she is due 3 days before your birthday they may actually come on your birthday!! Amazing birthday present..... although not so much with the pushing and grunting/sweaty face on ya birthday! Lol! A very happy new year to you, and your success story is wonderful for all of us hopeful mums to be :) xx

  • Yes you never know i think it will be a shock for my parents if he or she did come on my birthday and Lol. A very Happy New Year to you too. I hope your feeling well how far are you gone? xx

  • I'm not currently pregnant. Having my second donor egg transfer in February! Fingers crossed it will work this time! Xx Take care of yourself xx

  • Awwww congrats that's amazing news at anytime but even better news at this time of year:)

    What a gift to hubby

    Wishing you the best :)

  • Great news, best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy! xx

  • Thankyou Vickal, We are both delighted we have waited many many years for a baby and our wish has finally come. A very Happy New Year to you Xx

  • Hope23, I wish you all the luck in the world that it works for you second time around and 2015 will be your year, i will have my fingers crossed for you. Xx

    Tamtam1, Thankyou so much for you kind words it means alot especially how you must be feeling right now, i have just read your post im so sorry it didn't work for you and really do hope 2015 will be your year never give up in hope one day your wish will be answered and you will be blessed you may not be thinking it right now. I had 16 years of pain and wishing for a baby it was so so hard seeing other women with babies and family members having babies and Not us even seeing a baby made me cry , but our day has come and were been blessed. Wishing you all the best for 2015 Xx

  • Congratulations :) it's lovely to hear your amazing news. Hope you have a lovely new year xx

  • Thankyou xlozalaffsx, You too and all the best for 2015 xx

  • Hi I was thinking about you earlier on thought the scan was yesterday. Anyway that's lovely news. Wishing you a very healthy pregnancy. Tasha x

  • Thankyou Tasha, Yes it was meant to be yestersday but my hubby couldn't make it home from work in time for it so i called them and rearrange it for today and they got me in nice and early this morning. Wishing you a very happy New Year XX

  • So happy it all went well Hun x x

  • Thankyou PY987, All the best for your scan hun on the 14th Jan, let us know how it goes. Wishing you all the best for 2015, and a happy New Year to you X x

  • Thank you happy new year to you too, a lot to look forward to in 2015 x

  • Congratulations! Glad everything went well. Hope you have a happy, healthy pregnancy x

  • Thankyou Hopeful1982, All the best to you for 2015 and hope you have a very Happy New Year Xx

  • How exciting! Hope your next scan goes well and that you have a healthy pregnancy.

  • Thankyou pm27, A very Happy New Year to you and wishing you all the best for it xx

  • This is such wonderful news to hear. Please keep us updated with all your experiences! xx

  • Congratulations :-D Wishing you all the best for your pregnancy. xx

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