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Hi all, I had my scan yesterday before starting the Merional, the womb lining is nice and thin and they found 17 follicles (is it a good thing?). The nurse told me that it doesn't t mean much as not all of them develop to become eggs but I can t stop thinking that 17 gives high chances of getting more eggs.

I m back on Acupuncture today after 2 weeks break, let's hope it does it's magic too.

I was told by the nurse to drink a lot of fluids and have high protein diet, does anyone recommend anything else to boost that egg production? (Feeling like a chicken)

Also after my first injection yesterday I had real bad bloating (I already suffer from IBS) the pain got me in tears. Is it OK to take IBS pills?

May 2016 be our year, good luck to us all.

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  • Hi InTheMiddleOfIt,

    My first baseline scan before I start my injections is tomorrow. Nurse has told me to drink at least 2 litres of water everyday, high protein low carbs diet and only 3 meals a day. Are you on Short protocol? When is your egg collection planned? Wish you a very good luck for treatment xx

  • I m on long protocol, my egg collection is for the 18th of January. I m still trying to find the best protein/carb balance as I m not that keen on meat. Good luck for your scan, wish you good follicles lol.

  • My egg collection would be somewhere near 21st Jan. Good luck xx

  • Another cycle buddy. It would be great to stay in touch and where things are going, hopefully towards a beautiful healthy baby.

  • I had my basal scan and started stimulation today as well. They could only see about 12 - 13 follicles, which I am hoping at least 5 -8 will be able to collect. I am on the long protocol as well, most likely we both have the same egg collection day (depending how well I will respond to the stimulation). Looking forward to that. I am still recovering from the cyst drainage I had on Tuesday though.. EErrrr.... Good luck with your treatment.. XX

  • My EC is for the 18th. It s starting to look so real now. I m wishing you all the luck. Recover well, eat well and keep warm.

  • Hi! I think I will have my EC on Monday probably. I will know for sure tomorrow. I am really nervous about this cycle because it is the last one...I feel really bloated this time more than last time. I think my ovaries are very stimulated and that is why I am in pain most of the time. It hurts even when I sit. Hopefully this time we will have more luck.

    Goodluck to you all!

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