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12 Week Scan

Wow what a day it was my fiances birthday and he got to meet our wiggly bum.

We have opted to have the 3 tests done so I am waiting for the blood test result to come back. Which should be by the end of next week.

Now I need to wait until the 10th march for my next scan.

It's all very exciting the best bits of yesterday was seeing my wiggle bum in my belly and seeing my future husband in tears with joy and being able to announce are bundle of joy.

I honestly still stick by my last statement.

For anyone going into IVF or have failed stay strong and use this app. It has massively helped me.

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What an adorable status update, wriggle bum will be here before you know it, good luck to the rest of your pregnancy Hun xxx


Congratulations - what lovely news.


Congratulations Charlotte, lovely to hear everything is going well x x x


Congrats x


Beautifully put Charlotte. Wow that's awesome, many congrats. Stay positive and wishing you guys all the very best


Congratulations. I can't wait for my scan. I'm getting a private one next week at 11 weeks as I'm bursting to share my news but I couldn't get my Nhs scan until 1st march which is too long to wait!

So exciting.

I agree though, you need to keep positive and take all the little bits of advice you can



Congratulations Charlotte! I'm so pleased that it went well and that you both got to see your little one wriggling around! It's so special isn't it? We had our scan on Friday and our little one was wriggling and kicking too! I'm so happy for you - what a special birthday for your fiancé. I hope you've managed to relax a little bit now. Xxx


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