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Sperm count normal, HSG normal, Hormone tests normal.......No pregnancy why? :-(

TTC 2.5 years, I am 31 and my hubby is 34. My periods are regular and I do ovulate (clearblue ovulation tests shows I am but according to 21st day blood test my progesterone level is low) .

How will these help me if I already ovulate and everything so far is normal? What are we doing wrong?

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Hi sweetie it's terribly frustrating not to have a valid reason for the delay in conceiving but I promise you it's absolutely nothing that you are doing wrong please don't blame yourself it's not your fault.. As a species we are the least successful animals at reproduction.. I used to feel exactly the same as you and would totally blame myself although others said it wasn't my fault so I can totally relate to how you feel... I think with infertility you do need a reason and a solution.. I did feel a huge weight was lifted when the private clinic told me that amongst other minor issues I have an Under active thyroid and I have taking thyroxine ever since. (Thyroid within normal ranges =a happier Jess!) I guess my point is it only takes one hormone to be slighlty out ( not by much) to break the chain and hence no joy conceiving such a delicate balance..you have a low progestrone maybe this is your reason for not conceiving... I'm not medical but when I had my first appointment at an nhs my nurse at the time(since been discharged and I'm at a now private clinic.. I was told by the nurse one of my progestrone results was low in fact so low result suggested that I didn't ovulate that cycle it was 24 pmol..so she got me to repeat the test again and this time I had higher progestone and she concluded I ovulated regularly.. If that test had shown that I didn't ovulate she would've prescribed me clomid to help me ovulate.. What was you result and have the clinic re tested your progestrone? ( if it's low you should get clomid) The other thing to consider is do you have a 28 day cycle? Not every woman does if you don't day 21 may not be the best day to perform the test..tell your fertlity clinic the length of your monthly cycle and they should be able to calculate the best day for you.. Progestrone is very important hormone and it does play it's part in fertlity I think it amongst other things thickens your womb ready for an embroyo to implant each month,, and you will find that most clinics. (If not all) will prescribe progestrone supplements either in a preseries gel patches or tablet form to a woman going through ivf treatment to help encourage a successful result and once a successful result has been achieved by ivf will then prescribe progestrone to take during till week 12 of the new pregnancy.. Just a fact to highlight the importance of progestrone levels.. From my own experience all my hormones were normal too.. But my clinic tested my tsh and despite other hormones working ok discovered my thyroid was slighlty out of whack not by much.. It was. 3.9 and for ttc tsh should between 1 and 2.5 and once I'd been taking thyroxine for 3 weeks (oct ) had re tested and the ivf put on hold till clinic were satisfied tsh was within normal ttc levels( luckily if was! ) It's made a huge difference to me since being on thyroxine more energy and much more manageable periods( they were so bad I couldn't leave the house whilst on) Anyway I stop rambling on I wish you a very happy Christmas enjoy :) hope you get to the bottom of it.. Sometimes you need to get pushy to get results maybe if you're uncomfortable get hubby to ;) Anytime you need someone to talk please Pm me anytime..xxxx


You're not doing anything wrong. Infertility is unfair.

The blood test might not have been on the right day for your individual cycle so ask for it to be redone. One blood test showed I hadn't ovulated but I think it was due to my cycle being mucked up after a miscarriage. The next test done at a private clinic showed everything was normal, the consultant said not to be concerned about the previous ovulation test even though it had really freaked me out.

Good luck!


Thanks for replying Jess and pm27.

My consultant said that she will see me in short time if my tubes are blocked and if not she is going to see me after 3 months :(

I don't understand how is it going to work out in 3 months when i didn't in last 2.5 years. Why NHS waiting lists are so long? I have heard for Unexplained fertility they put you on IVF waiting list but that's not my consultant told me though. I am feeling so helpless at the moment :(


Hi baby hope I'm confused by how your consultant is going about things sure I know things do take longer with the nhs .. But I'm really unsure why she is not repeating the progestrone test if your last one was low..that should def be repeated if it was low mine was when it was low..like I said previously unless you have a 28 day cycle day 21 wouldn't be the best day to do that test.. But your consultant should know your cycle details and im baffled why this test isn't being repeated..if I was you I'd have a chat with a trusted doctor at your surgery and explain you're concerned why the progestrone test hadn't been re repeated., you can get a telephone consultation don't have to have a appointment at surgery.. Or if you've got a good relationship with your nurse at the fertilty clinic maybe express your concerns and the nurse maybe able to arrange another progestrone test which could be done at your local surgery.. And if that test is still low(hopefully not) in therory you should be entitled to clomid to help you ovulate and you can be prescribed clomid for a Max of 6 months after they'll look into ivf for you ..

As for ivf my understanding is as long you qualify for ivf with your local ccg..with unexplained you have to be ttc for 3 years ( this can include the time before investigations began) then you'll be put on an nhs waiting list ( that's wot our ex consultant told us but we were discharged in June with it's trying or ivf and we couldn't get nhs funding as I've got a son from a previous relationship tho hubby is not a dad ) That's why we have to go private.. I couldn't say how long waiting lists are as like I said we are private your clinic when telling you should be able to give you a rough idea.. Before the ivf you both do screening blood tests HIV etc and you're do amh (tests you're egg reserve basically to know how you're respond to the ivf drugs if it's low be a higher dose you get the idea ) hubby will have a sperm anylisis to decide between ivf or Icsi (good sperm should be fine for regular ivf if not Icsi where the dr selects best sperm and injects your eggs instead of sperm finding the eggs ) I couldn't say how long after having screening tests and consent signing would depend on your clinic.. I don't think it's that long..

There's too much waiting around with this always fighting to make progress..

I hope that info helps and don't forget you have got increased odds as you've had the hsg ;) Lots of women conceive after that.. You will get there Hun if you need a chat anytime Pm me X


Have you tried any hypnotherapy / relaxation techniques. I know that there are CD's / downloads available for preparing to conceive and IVF available from Natal hypnotherapy and probably others. Often we let our concious, rational brain rationalise everything and block out any concerns may have. Intended hypnosis helps you to deal with fears and beliefs that are stored in your subconscious brain and replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. (I have suffered from infertility and wish I had had this knowledge at the time).


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