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Booked again to start Ivf need help ??

Hey looking for help today provisionally booked in my 2nd round of ivf short protocol . My period is due 3rd jean and I thought u usually have appointment 21days after that but she say my appointment will be 9th feb for scan is that correct the 9th February as that ain't 21 days , I haven't had review and they don't do one so don't no how second starts if a will receive my injections after the scan on 9th

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Can you ring or email the clinic and ask as I get the impression that they all do things slightly differently? I'm starting the short protocol in Jan as I had OHSS last time. I've been told that my first scan (baseline appt) needs to be day 2-4 of my Jan cycle. We learnt last time that its best to ask plenty of questions otherwise its easy to get swept along with the process and sometimes not be sure exactly what's going on!!!

Let me know how you are getting on as it would be good to be going through this at the same time as someone else xxx


When a try to call them it's a nightmare n seem to rush me off the phone so didn't wanna call back as thought they would obv be right but now am unsure xxx


How about emailing them? I usually initially contact the nurses by email and that gives them the chance to look at my notes and then either respond by email or phone.


Don't think they contact threw email as I don't have there email address anywhere on my paper work trying to call there no answer al just keep trying xx


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