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Uterus lining too thick to start IVF?!

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Hi everyone,

So...today I went to the clinic for a scan to confirm whether or not I'm ready to start injections, and it didn't go as I expected. Apparently my uterine lining is 8.4mm thick, which is too much at this stage.

I'm booked in for a re-scan on Friday, and if I hadn't thinned by then I'll be back to having tests, tests and more tests to find out why.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or does anyone have any tips that might help? x

7 Replies
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Hey hun usually the down regulated medication that you are taking will allow you to have a bleed and this will make your lining thin x

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GraceFace in reply to NDE1987

Hi, thanks for your reply. I'm hoping that will be the case x

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This happened to me on my first cycle, they just kept me down regulating for longer but changed me from nasal spray to injections and although I didnt bleed further my lining still thinned! Good luck!xx

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GraceFace in reply to Cinderella5

Thanks for your reply...I'm off the pill and waiting for a bleed now, so hopefully the lining will thin 🤞X x

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Had same problem all 3 times I have done ICSI/IVF... never got below the required 5 mm even after a longer down regulation. Had blood test to check hormone levels. Got transfers done with ticker linings. Nothing to worry about!

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GraceFace in reply to Kattalex1

That's fantastic news, thanks 😊 The nurse didn't seem to think it would be a problem, but the doctor was really pessimistic. I had the extra blood tests before I left the hospital yesterday, so hopefully that'll go in my favour x

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Kattalex1 in reply to GraceFace

Basically the doctors like to have a fresh thin lining so when transfer is done the embryos have a nice fresh "duvet" to attach themselves to. Thick lining = old lining and does not have as much blood supply basically. That is what I was explained. All 3 times I had a thick lining but all 3 I had BFP... I guess like me you have the tendency to have thick linings. 👍

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