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New & daunted!

Hi. My husband and I have just had our final consultation & have officially been diagnosed with 'unexplained subfertility' . No real surprise considering that we have been trying to convince for over 3years. We have fallen pregnant once in that time, but were unfortunate to experience an early miscarriage. Our consultant has requested that we are put on the waiting list for IVF. I'm almost 37 & my husband is 39, although we're not ancient, I know that our ages do not work in our favour! I guess I'm just looking for some initial advice & encouragement from those of you who have experienced the process before we head on this long & testing journey!!!

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Hi sorry to hear your new, I found that once after the tests resulted in us having to have ivf that this progess was much quicker then getting to the point. We got invited to an induction seminar and at that got a letter saying we were starting that month which was amazing. Hope everything goes well for you x


hi welcome... you will find lots of excellent support and help on here.. Don't worry too much over your ages. we had really low really odds and I am also 37 yet it worked first time for us..


Don't worry about your age I'm 40 and it also worked 1st time for me.all i would advise is keep healthy both of you avoid alcohol and junk food and definitely no smoking . good luck and I'll be sprinkling baby dust over you xxx


Thanks for your replies. I'm hoping that, with our initial test results being all clear, that the 'odds' of a successful IVF should be in our favour! Also considering a course of acupuncture, as I've read that it may increase our chances. Thanks again all!


We were lucky in that our referral went through wuickly - it took a while to get there but once we were accepted it seemed to fly. If you are generally healthy and no explanation given for your infertility (as we were) you should have less delay and complications.

We were successful first time around and I am now 28 weeks.

All those suggestions of no drinking/smoking are a definite. We have never smoked but we did drink and we stopped completely. Make sure you're getting all your vitamins and nutrients but don't stress about being perfectly healthy: give yourself a treat now and then because otherwise you just get down about it.

Fingers crossed you get your invite to seminar soon and from there on in you'll be on the road :-)

This site has been very helpful so you're in supportive hands!


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