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NHS funded cycles

Hi there! Im just wondering if there is someone on here who had 2 more cycles of IVF on NHS.

I just had my 1st one and unsuccessful. Have been told to wait 6 month till i start my next one. Does anyone know what my next steps will be like?!

At IVF clinic i ve been told to do blood test when i have my 3d bleeding and my treatment will be roughly in May. But im wondering will they be checking all over again my hormon level, my husband's sperm count, my weight (cos i needed to loose a lot before i become eligible to have IVF on NHS and i did put some back on)?

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Hello. How are you doing. Hope your ok. From the sounds of things yes they will possibly be checking all hormones and sperm again. And they will want to check your weight to make sure you are within the range. To give you a extra chance of it working. I too had to loose weight ideally before I started. I was overweight. Some useful tips I had when losing weight. Eat of a smaller plate that way it still looks like you have enough food. Anything ending in berries are good for you (apart from lots of strawberries). Also lots of veg and other healthy goodness. Drink plenty of water. If you like celery eat that as you use calories doing so. Swimming is a fab way to help loose weight. Or just walking more. Hope this is of some help for you. Lots of love. ️Xx

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Hi ya! Thsnks for reply and support!

I was on a raw food diet to loose my weight for about 8 month. Tjinking about it now it was like starvation as i always was hungry and even tho sometimes you feel overeating (like loads of watermelon) but on 30 min or so you are hungry again.

i feelt really good, but i guess mostly because i shifted all this weight.

i guess to loose weight isnt a problem but keeping it down thats what prove really hard for me.



Hi I've just had my second nhs funded round it was another negative for us. I also waited 6 months. Our follow up appointment was mostly to check how we were feeling and to discuss anything that could be done differently.

I wasn't weighed, hormone tested and my husband didn't have to give another sample. They did ask my weight and like you I had gained some but not enough to put me over the qualifying BMI.

I was told once you've qualified for NHS funding they wouldn't check the things that'd mean you'd no longer qualify again. Certainly different Regions may opperatly differently.

Hope you find this helpful and know those 6 months go fast. We've now got another 6 months wait for our 3rd and final go.

Good luck


im sorry it didn't work for you this time! Big huggs! Hopefully 3d time lucky!

Did you go on diff medications for your second round (if u dont mind me asking)?

Im going to try to loose some weight before we going for another appointment in May.

Thank you for your answer x


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