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GP Assessment after Referral for NHS Funded Cycles

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My husband rang the clinic to inform them he was waiting for his blood results and that there were some that the clinic needed to carry out.

They told him that he also needed to arrange a meeting for some sort of assessment before NHS funding.

I knew I should have rang but I’m just too busy at work to find a minute and by the time I’m home the clinic are closed.

He couldn’t remember what they said but I just don’t know why?

When we went for our second consultation we took all our proof which was to prove we could have our NHS funded cycles.

Anyone else had this similar situation?

I think I will be ringing myself next week and may throw another tantrum. I’m trying to be so cool about it all but as we are continuing to wait my periods continue to arrive and to me that’s a cycle opportunity gone. 4 weeks when you are ttc seem to drag yet when waiting for IVF to begin it’s whizzing by!

My husband has an appointment on Monday to get his blood results and to ask what this assessment meeting is. He will probably no doubt forget so I’m going have to tell work to stick it and accept his phone all the second he’s out of the GP surgery. That will then determine whether I ring them or not!

I wonder if we were well off “paying customers” with money to burn if we would be treated any differently.

My husband and I both have good enough jobs, never claimed a single benefit and pay our taxes.

My rant of the day is- So why are punished for not being able to have children naturally? Why can people with no jobs have money thrown at them when they have 5 kids or more and we have to jump through 1000 hoops just to prove WE CANT CONCEIVE just to even get a chance of having 1!

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It’s all incredibly frustrating. I understand the NHS is massively underfunded and it was the knowledge that they would dictate the speed of our treatment that made us decide to just start private treatment.

I have never even been to a GP to discuss our infertility and we have just done everything ourselves. We don’t have lots of money but we both have decent jobs and we just made sacrifices to afford it.

I don’t necessarily believe that this should be the way forward but I felt that it gave us control over our treatment. We are the ones that make the decisions, not a panel who don’t know us and have to put finances first.

I hope you get some answers soon xx


I completely get how frustrating this whole process is and the sense of wasting time and missing opportunities.

I can’t definitely say what the doctor is after but I imagine it’s just to make sure you meet the requirements for NHS funding. Your personal income doesn’t factor in but it usually just means you have a healthy BMI, you haven’t travelled to zika infected countries and you’ve tested negative to a HIV test within the last 3 months, each area usually has different criteria.

If you are concerned or frustrated it definitely makes sense to get a fuller explanation. The NHS process is obviously going to be slower than the private process so I guess you and your OH have to decide what suits you the best.

Hope this helps


The longer anyone does IVF, the more you realise that nothing happens quickly. I think I’m more patient now than when we started. Just remember to stay patient and hopeful; I would say both patience and hope are equally important.


Good luck today hopefully you might get some answers x

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PurpleLove19 in reply to S_asha

Thanks hun xx

I understand your frustration. It feels like it took forever to get our funding. Our application was submited wrong many times, we had to repeat the same blood tests probably 5 times through the doctors and clinics etc I would say it took us a full year to get to the point of treatment. It’s by no means a fast solution, I had many irate calls to get where we needed to be. You become an expert and end up guiding doctors and the clinics on funding and submittions etc Hang in there - you will get where you need to be eventually ❤️ X

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