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6wks 1 day u/s no heartbeat

Hi Ladies,

I had my 1st u/s yesterday at 6 Weeks 1 day and everything was normal according to the Dr but we did not hear d heartbeat. The Dr said the measurement of the baby is (1.5cm) that it is still small to hear the heartbeat, please what does this mean? I'm very new at this, this is the ist time I will carry pregnancy to this stage, I always miscarried at early stage and this is my first ivf.

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Hi Baby girl I am now 11weeks and haven't heard the heartbeat been told it won't happen till 16weeks as that is when it is strong enough to be heard x


Hi Abbeygirl. I'm a little confused here - do you mean "see" the heartbeat? I must say, I always prefer to scan at 7/40wks gestation, then you know you will see it. I would expect that they will repeat the scan at 7/40wks to be sure. "Hearing" babies heartbeat happens later on. Fingers crossed for you. Diane


i did not hear heart beat till 13 weeks and 3 days x kirsty

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The heart forms around 6 weeks but its like trying to hear a pin drop in a room that people are talking in, its difficult. Like others have said it will be around 16-18 weeks that you'll hear it so don't panic yet. You're really early in pregnancy so they will hardly see or hear anything. I had a scan at 4 weeks yesterday and it was a black circle so trust me, they need time to grow and develop so its nothing to worry about. Good luck fir the rest of your pregnancy


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