Can't remember if iv took my progynova tablet!

Hi ladies. Quick question.I'm 8 weeks pregnant and I can't remember if I took my lunchtime dose of progynova. I don't think I did but I'm not sure. Apparently iv already developed baby brain!I Don't know what to do.I think I'm gonna take my evening dose now and then another before I go to bed. However I'm worried that I did take one at lunch and that would mean I was taking an extra tablet today. I'm stressing!I dobt know what is worse not taking a tablet or taking an extra one?anyone know?!!Am so annoyed at myself!xxx

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  • Hello. Try not to worry. I a little story. I was meant to keep taking it all through two week wait and I did not as the nurse in et told me to stop it. And it did not affect my outcome. But they say of you forget a dose take it as soon as you remember. But however if your due to take one now then I would this take that one. can you count the ones left in the packet and work it out that way? How many should you take a day? ️Xxx

  • I normally take 3 2mg tablets a day. I know I def took the morn one and I took one bout half an hour ago. I Don't know whether to take another one late tonight. My worry is that I may have took my afternoon one so therefore I wil have taken 4 tablets. However if I Don't take a tablet before I go to bed and I didn't take one at lunch then I will have only taken 2 tablets today!with the bleeding iv had I'm worried bout not taking enough oestrogen but I'm not sure if it's just as dodgy to have taken an extra tablet!oh-I'm such an idiot!xxx

  • I have just googled it specifically for prognova. It says if you miss taking one, then Take it a soon as you remember, but only if it's no longer than twelve hours late. Then Take one as normal. So the one you are meant to Take now replaces the one you should have taken at lunch time so then you can take another one now. You are allowed to take them all together. That's what I do. That way I never forget. I'm on they same dose as you. Xx hope this helps. ️Xx

  • Also -can't count the tablets as I have 2 packets on the go as I went away over the weekend!xxx

  • Thank u hun for going to the trouble of looking it up! I didn't realise u could take them all together?!that would b so much easier as I take metformin 3 times a day, pessaries twice a day, heparin daily, and calcichew twice a day!it's a nightmare remembering it all!I did have a little pill box with compartments which was good but for some reason iv stopped using it! Iv been racking my brains and I can't actually remember taking it so I'm gonna do what u said and take another. I'm just a bit concerned that I absentmindedly took the lunchtime tablet without me remembering and that means I wil have taken 4 tablets today! Hopefully that isn't the case! Why is this while process so scary?!!! How u getting on ?has the bleeding stopped yet? I'm so so pleased that ur blood test results came back good-that's really fab news. I'd just checked and saw ur post as iv been away over the weekend. Really glad it's good news

  • You can Take them all together, it does not change how it works. Wow you do have to take Lot. Poor you. It is scary at times. But it will all be worth it. Thank you for asking. I'm getting on fine thank you. It has not stopped completely, but has eased of quite a bit as of yesterday. And it's completely normal for women to bleed in Early pregnancy. I just panicked as normally it means a bad thing. I am so relieved it is all ok though :) xx

  • Hi Bella, i am sorry for the stupid question but what are those medicine for which you are taking, i have got only cyclogest 3 times a day, i have never heard of progynova and just curious to know what it is for. I hope you are doing well xxx

  • Hello. I am also on it. And for me its used to help thicken my lining to encourage implantation. And then keep it thick. i never heard of it until they told me To use it. Xx

  • Babylonia as piglet said it's to help with the womb lining. This cycle was a frozen one-think I took it in the fresh cycle too but not sure if it was the same dose.what is cyclogest?is it progesterone? I'm fine ta-apart from the worry that comes and goes with every little thing! Hope ur doing well too.

    Piglet I'm glad the bleeding has eased off a bit. It is amazing how common bleeding is but it's still v scary! Least u can relax now! I looked it up and it says u can take the progynova together but the reason they say to take it apart is because it can make some women feel sick. I guess il stick to taking it apart now as that's what I'm used to even if it's harder to remember!I'm have to start using the pill box again!

  • Thank you both for your response, I am currently taking only progesterone vaginal tablets so I though they are for the same purpose. I hope your pregnancies are going well ladies xxx

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