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Transfer delayed due to high OHSS risk :-(

So went for my egg collection yesterday to be told that my hormone levels are through the roof and that they would do my collection but don't want to proceed with transfer due to being high risk of OHSS.

I was absolutely gutted but every cloud has a silver lining... I had 30 eggs collected! No wonder my hormones are so high!

Had a call this morning to say that 17 of my eggs have fertilised with ICSI. The unit will freeze 9 eggs today and the other 8 will be left to fertilise to day 3, potentially day 5, before freezing so that when transfer takes place in a couple of months I have mature eggs to use too.

Hubby and I have hit so many hurdles on our fertility journey, but it has taught be to look for the positives in every situation! It will happen eventually I'm sure, what's another couple of months ey?

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Great news on the egg collection and progress so far. Your attitude is an inspiration too. :-) I'm sure it will happen for you soon. Good luck xx


Thank you Vickal

I just think that there is always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how long that tunnel may be.

I had to lose over 6 stone to qualify for funding, I did it. Hubby had to have a surgical sperm recovery, he was deemed infertile so we opted for a donor. My pcos (even though much better than when I had a high bmi) caused loads of problems, we held our heads high. I wasn't responding to the Gonal F, I persisted... what's one more hiccup when we have had this many?


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