1st ivf and I'm afraid something will g wrong

I will be 39 in dec. I’m currently going through ivf, I’ve done 3 (IUI) in which I had BFP in the 1st one that later resulted in m/c at 8wks when I was 36yrs 3 month old. Later discovered that I had asherman’s syndrome (intrauterine adhesions/scarring) due to missed miscarried. I had an operation concerning this and immediately got pregnant one month later in feb. 2013 m/c due to thin endometrium 4mm. Since then I’ve been Trying with 2 other (IUI) but no success. Now I’m undergoing my 1st ifv. My FSH is 8 and I was given menopur 300UI with orgalutran from day 5 of stimulation in which we retrieved 9 eggs, 7 matured all fertilized and all have 8 cell at day 3 of retrieval with grade 1 embryo, the embryologist told told me to do the day 5 transfer due to the growing of the cells. I’m ok with whatever they ask of me but my problem is my endometrium. My endometrium at the day of trigger shot was 8mm. So this is my question 1. Is it possible to get more blastocyst from day 5 due to my age? 2. Is it advisable to do the transfer this cycle due to my endometrium 8mm. 3. If I eventually do the transfer at day 5 with good blastocyst, how many should I transfer and what is the percentage of me getting pregnant due to my age? Thanks in advance for replying me.

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  • Hi Abbygirl. Well, you’ve certainly been through a variety of problems along the way! It was good to hear that your Asherman’s syndrome problem has now been resolved, which can often be difficult to sort out. You did well with your egg retrieval, obviously due to a good FSH reading for 39. Your embryologist seems to be hopeful that you will get some blastocyst embryos to use and maybe to be able to freeze some too! Regarding endometrial lining, we aim to get you to 8mm or a bit more, so well done there, it is quite usable. How many embryos to transfer, that is the question! Often embryologists will suggest transferring 2 embryos if you are over 38 and have had a few setbacks, so all you can do is to go with his/her recommendations for you, as he/she knows you best. From my experience, very few ladies over 38 achieve a twin pregnancy, they just carry on with one healthy one – even after two embryos have been put back. Anyhow, I do wish you well with whatever is decided, and hope for a positive result for you. Diane

  • Hi Diane!

    Thanks a lot for answering all my questions, I was so worried concerning my endometrium that is too low for implantation but now that u hav explained to me that it's ok, I'm so relieved. Concerning my embryo, I called my embryologist today and I was told all the 7 embryo has grown to be morula with 0% fragmentation today which is day 4. and that they are going to do the transfer tomorrow, I'm so happy that everything is under control my only concern now is the 2ww wait. Pls what do you think I should do or eat to make my blastocyst to implant. Thanks once again for your caring.

  • Hi Abbygirl. My pleasure! Can’t have you worrying unnecessarily! Well done with the embryos and all the best for tomorrow. No magic remedy to aid implantation I’m afraid, but rest assured that you have definitely got embryos that mean business! Make sure you drink plenty of water – and pineapple juice apparently helps. Take your multivitamin tablet with folic acid, keep up with your progesterone if you have been prescribed it, and try and rest for a couple of days if you can. Remember, you’ve been through a lot of prodding and poking, so a rest will do you good. Keep yourself busy if you can during the wait, and fingers crossed all will be well. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, for your kindness and quick reply. I'm really very grateful, I will let u know as it goes.

  • Hi. Please do. Diane

  • Hi Diane!

    Sorry I've not bn in contact all dis while, i lost one of my junior sister, and beside d 2ww is killing. Pls I have something to ask u, today is my 5dp 5dt and I noticed some brown dischage when I wanted to insert Utrogestan this morning. Could this be inplantation bleeding? I don't have any abdominal pain or cramp, no symptoms whatsoever.

  • Hi Abbeygirl. Just back from a week off, so I apologise for my brief reply before, as I was trying to send it from my Kindle and couldn't see what I was printing properly! I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your younger sister, it must have be such a dreadful time for you and your family. Regarding the brown discharge, it is probably from some old blood coming away, and is nothing to worry about unless it becomes "smelly", then you need to mention it to your doctor. I don't know how far you are along with your 2WW, but I do hope that all is going well for you. Diane

  • Thank U for your reply, I hope all goes well with your cycle it can be very stressful . my fingers are crossed TakeCare and get plenty of rest. X

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