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Newbie on first course of IVF

Hi. I gave discovered this site after panicking and googling everything!

Hubby and I were referred for IVF after 3 years of trying. I had to work my butt off to lose 7.5 stone to qualify for NHS funding and then unfortunately hubby was found to be infertile so we have opted for donor sperm.

Due to me having PCOS I have been put on a short cycle... short my backside!

Today I am on day 14 of Gonal F, it has been increased from 100iu to 200iu and now 300iu. I am also doing morning injections of Cetrotide (day 9 of these)

I have one large follicle and lots of small ones but the unit want the smaller ones to progress further.

I am really worried that I'm not responding. I have another scan tomorrow and I am really hoping that things are progressing as I'm not enjoying the side effects at all! I'm hoping that hubby and I will finally get a break since we seem to have hit so many hurdles on our journey so far...

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Hi kjornsby. My goodness me – 7.5 stone – well done you! So sorry to hear that you’re not getting the response you had hoped for at the moment. This is obviously all down to PCOS. I must say though, that quite a number of my ladies have been in similar circumstances to yours and have progressed with extra decent sized follicles. Here’s hoping that yours start behaving themselves so that you can progress to a satisfactory egg collection. Good luck! Diane


Hello kjornsby - I totally understand how you are feeling : we have been ttc for over 5 years.

2.5 years ago I went to doctors for investigations.

After a very long journey of investigation- (there were serious problems that were missed )and a funding battle (we moved house to qualify for funding due to my age, but I'm within national guidelines) I finally started treatment beginning of September.

It's been such a long journey to be able to get to even start IVF, and our current hospital is brilliant. I was hopeful but not unrealistic.

It was during the first scan, that I became aware that I wasn't responding. I was devasted. I actually hadnt accounted for being a poor responder and was unaware that this could happen (I remember the over response warning, but not the poor response warning)

By scan number 2 they decided to cancel our treatment. I couldn't have imagined how emotionally painful it would be - I mean nowadays they can do anything right? But to be told, I may not be a suitable candidate for IVF on top of infertility was a shock.

But long and short of it, I had x3 weeks off and I'm going again. I wondered whether I was emotionally ready to go again so soon after - and even on the drive to the hospital to collect my prescription, I was prepared to postpone my treament, if I thought I couldnt go through with it. (unfortunately I have to go to all my appointments alone due to hubbies horrible boss)

However, I was lucky my anxiety was much inflated, and when I started my treatment last Tues, I felt ok and ready...(ish)

I'm on a long protocol this time, (currently awaiting for AF to arrive to start my stims). I'm partially dreading my first scan once stims have commenced as I fear if I havent responded again we are back at the drawing board (my hospital dont offer an egg donor programme).

I sincerely hope, you do respond. However if you dont please know you'll have another try and i've since learned dominant follicles are quite common, so it's not the end of the road, even though it might feel like it.

Please do keep me informed how you're getting along, I'd love to offer support if I can as we're almost at the same treatment times - sending you and hubby lots of luck XXXXX


Thank you Diane Arnold and hopefuljo. I have another scan this morning and I am really hoping that things have progressed a bit more. Yes you're right, we will get another try should this one not work (hubby and I are only mid/late twenties) but it's the not knowing what's going on which is the most frustrating. Fingers crossed for some more news today! Xx


So Friday's scan went really well!! My follicles had a growth spurt and I'm soo close to collection now. Have another scan on Monday but they're anticipating collection on Wednesday :-) fingers crossed.

Thank you for your encouraging words ladies xx


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