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Hi all

I’ve been on this group for the past couple of months. Although not posting whilst coming to terms with the next step of our journey - It’s been so nice to see all the love and support between everyone.

A bit about us... well we’ve been TTC for the last 4 1/2 years. After endless tests, hospital appointments, 2 unsuccessful rounds of clomid, an op for the hubby, we were referred for IVF/ICSI last September.

Today we had our nurse/drug appointment - I never thought I’d be so excited to receive so much medication!

I’m on the short protocol starting my norethisterone tablets tomorrow. It’s finally sinking in that something that we’ve been hoping for so long could now be a possibility.

Hoping 2019 will be our year ✨ baby dust to you all ✨

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Niceee and now is the moment when everything starts to feel real and just a little bit scary. Keep positive and wishing you best of luck with everything!!! 😊😍❤xxxx

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MrsR8 in reply to Klndmr

Thank you! Just so excited to get going finally xx

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Klndmr in reply to MrsR8

I know how you feel. It's my first ivf as well and just got my first injections today 😊😍 so exciting 😊😍xxx

That's great. Wishing you all the luck in the world!!!

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MrsR8 in reply to MissSaoPaulo

Thank you so much - fingers crossed xx

Hi MrsR8, wishing you the very best of luck xx

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MrsR8 in reply to Clairenix

Thank you 😊 xx

Best of luck to you! Xx

Wishing you lots of luck and that 2019 is your year 🤞xx

Best of luck to you MrsR8! I hope everything goes well for you and your husband x

Welcome and hoping all goes well with this cycle. All the very best :-)

Exciting times - good luck! xx

Wishing you the best of luck of with your treatment. Keeping everything crossed 🤞 xx

Wishing you all the luck with you treatment xx 💙💚💜

Welcome & I wish you so much baby dust!! This process is so hard but remember there are people ready to answer your questions no matter how crazy!! Any support needed you know where to come x

Thank you all! It’s so nice to know there’s support from you lovely people who have been through / going through the same thing. It’s true you don’t really understand it until you have been through it yourself Xx

Good luck to you x

Fantastic news!! Wishing you lots of luck x x

Wishing you lots of luck for the next step in your journey 💗💗xxx

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