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Endometriosis again

. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 20 of about 2cm in my left ovary on september 2013. Every doctor that we met told me that I needed laparoscopy. We waited for 5 months after which it grew and became 7cm. I had my laparoscopy on April 2014. Soon after 2 months i.e. june 2014 it grew back and it was 1cm. Though I was on hormonal treatment still idk why it came back. This is changing my whole life I have become depressed due to this cyst and medicines which have these depressing effects. I don't want to have another surgery or become infertile. I want to live a normal life like before. My matter of concern is that if it is dangerous for this cyst to grow so fast and it might make my fertility impossible?

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Hi mehaksohail. Sorry to hear that you have so much worry concerning the endometriosis you have. It could be that the cyst you have is “active” and may need removing, rather than just draining. Most cysts are not dangerous, but if they grow to a large size they could be more problematic. It all depends upon what type of cyst it is, if it is an endrometrioma (chocolate cyst) it may need removing. I’m sure that your consultant/doctor will be treating you accordingly, so try not to stress too much. It could even be that a course of drugs may settle it down, I don’t know. Remember that you have two ovaries, so, if your tubes are OK, you could hopefully get pregnant from an egg being released from your “good” ovary. Another problem with cysts is that you could ovulate into the cyst, so that egg is lost. There is so much that can be done for you, so I wish you well with whatever is decided. Diane


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