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Advice please

Hi All,

I've not posted on here before but have been on here for a couple of weeks, following everyone's progress with ivf etc. This forum is really brilliant for anyone in the situation and it has really helped me over the past few weeks- so thank you all.

Just after a bit of advice really. I'm in the dreaded 2ww after my first ivf cycle. I've been fairly calm up until now but now I'm driving myself insane that it hasn't worked (no symptoms etc).

To cut a very long story short I've had the past week off work following ET as I'm a Midwife and my work haven't been very supportive so even though sometimes it's advised to just go back, my GP advised me to at least have last week off.

I'm due to go back on Wednesday but I don't know whether to or not. I need Friday off anyway (test day!) so will only be in Wednesday and Thursday. Like I said my manager hasn't been great and I don't quite think understands it's quite difficult to go through this and go into work dealing with pregnant women and babies!

Plus I'm petrified I will come on my period at work- where I'm sure I'll have a meltdown of some sort.

I really don't know whether to just go back in as I'm not sure it will take my mind off things or have this week off as well.

Any advice really appreciated...


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Oh it's a tough one. You must be in an incredibly difficult situation. I went back to work to keep my mind off things which helped me and work in a pregnancy environment very close to maternity but I don't have face to face direct contact. I don't think I could do what you do and be with babies facing test day. I did come on my period before test day which was Xmas eve so I was off work and I was so glad I wasn't at work as yes I did have a bit of a melt down day! I guess what I'm saying is you just have to do what's right for you. It's crap that you don't have much support at work, in very lucky in that respect. Good luck with your decision and for test day!!xx


It is a tough one, you're right.

If my manager had been a bit more supportive then I would discuss it with her but because of the lack of support I don't feel like she would understand me needing anymore time off.

Thank you for your reply though and I'm glad you seem to have the support- It makes all the difference.

Good luck in your journey too xx


Maybe just get your GP to sign you off. The pressure you are under at the moment makes it a hard time. All the best xx


Hi Hope04. I would stay off, I'm sure your GP would sign you off for a little longer. I'm not back till after OTD although I might go back a few days early but there's no pressure as I have the sick note covered till after. It's not worth the stress and upset and you'll be back soon enough and back to normal! Especially in your line of work I couldn't even contemplate going back until I knew what I faced and was ready xx


Thank you for your advice.

My GP did say she would happily sign me off for longer if I needed it.

Just always feel guilty about having time off.

Good luck on OTD xx


This time is for you. You need to do what's best for you, and don't feel guilty! I am saying this to you and I feel guilty as hell but I also know it's for a finite time and for a good cause. Good luck 😃 xx

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