15 eggs, none fertilised, devastated

Had my egg collection yesterday and got 15 good quality eggs. Unfortunately I've just been told that none of them fertilised with the sperm. They don't know why and couldn't offer any more answers. We are heartbroken beyond belief. Have review appointment on 14 oct but live in Northern Ireland so only get one go at ivf and one go at icsi so hopefully they will offer us that. Feel like my whole world has ended, so hard to stay positive.

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  • Hi Marie_83. So sorry to hear of this dreadful news after having such a successful egg retrieval. If you had IVF treatment, then perhaps the failure could have been due to your eggs being a little “tough” for the sperm to penetrate on their own? Unfortunately, this can happen, and often the next thing is to try ICSI, so that the sperm are definitely injected inside the eggs – this would be offered if the sperm are poor swimmers also. Another procedure that may be considered is “assisted hatching”. This is when once again touch shells are suspected. They put small “nicks” in the shell of the eggs with a laser or chemical, to enable the sperm to get inside more easily. It’s such terrible news for you, but hopefully there should be more options open for you to try. Obviously, I do wish you well with whatever is decided for you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, that's really helpful. It feels like a lifetime away till my review appointment but il ask about assisted hatching.

  • My pleasure! I do hope all works OK for you. Diane

  • Hi marie83, i know exactly how you feel, i had the same last month. I had egg collection on 23rd aug and got 6 mature eggs. on 25th August i was told that my eggs did not fertilise, even though it was icsi. Me and hubby were frozen for about a week. Our review appointment is on the 27th November, which seems years away. , but can we do the nhs waiting list is so long. So im staying positive and looking forward to next step.

  • I know Shirley it's the thought of waiting 4 weeks that's killing me. I'm hoping they offer us icsi but don't know if we will have to start over again or if they've frozen any of our 15 eggs. It's been like a kick in the teeth we really weren't expecting this as it's been so positive right up to this point. I wish u all the best of luck with your journey xx

  • Hey missus.. I know how you feel.. I had failed fertilisation (only three eggs though) and that was with icsi.. They won't have frozen your eggs unless they fertilised.. I hope you get another chance on NHS xx I've had to wait for two periods before starting again. The first came with in two weeks.. The second was a bloody nightmare nearly forty days (I'm usually 28 days). Mine were egg issues. I didn't complete mitosis or meiosis (basically didn't throw away a set of my chromosomes, once his had joined) . I start my next cycle in a few weeks but I've auto immune issues so I won't be able to able to advise you x

  • I agree with jp mac Marie83, i dont they have frozen any, if they did they would have informed you.

    Anyway keep your fingers crossed and focus on something else for a while. My review appointment is so far away and i dont know what will happen or how long i have to wait till the next cycle

  • Thanks jpmac and Shirley it's good to know others are going through the same kind of situation. I read online that sometimes the eggs and sperm just reject each other and there's nothing they can do if that's the case, I just pray that's not us. Fingers crossed for you both that you get some answers soon xx

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