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Heartbroken! 30 eggs and none fertilised

Just had the call to say none of my 30 eggs had fertilised x I feel so heartbroken! They think it is something to be with the sperm but yest it was all fine so it don't understand it and the clinic is not giving any answers! Has anyone else had this x next step for us is to do it all over again but this time they will try icsi but I'm not to hopefull!

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So sorry to hear this xxx hopefully icsi will giv u a better chance xxx the hospital sould be telling u what is happening hav u tried phoning to speak with the consultant xxx take care xxxx


so sorry to hear your devasting news. Look after yourself x


Really sorry to hear your news... I am due my second round of ICSI next month!! Good luck to you and take care... xxx


Sorry to hear this, very odd make sure you get a full explanation from your clinic. This may be little comfort right now. But with your first cycle it is a bit hit and miss as they don't know exactly how you will respond or what the problems may be, so like a test run. But they will now have a better idea of how to treat you next time, less stimulation and ISCI so your chances will improve for next time so don't right yourself off.

It's hard when the first cycle fails lots of us on this forum have been there me included but fingers crossed for your next cycle.


So sorry to hear this, it's devastating!, it happened to me earlier this year, but I only had 2 eggs. They said the sperm was good and all looked fine but they just didn't fertilize. The embryologist couldn't tell me why it had happened either...don't think they know. My consultant suggested that it could have been egg quality, I am 41. Your consultant will be able to give you some information. Good luck and the best for next


Sorry to hear this, take care & see what information you can get from the clinic x


Hu sunnysarah, i can feel ur pain, as i went through the same problem. We had icsi, but still no luck. I had 7 eggs, and 6 were mature. I had egg collection last saturday and was told the next day they 5 had fertilised but the cells were not dividing as they should be. Well they informed me that the sperm was of poor quality. None of them made it to the blastocyst stage. If it did then i wud have been going back for the transfer yesterday.

I was devastated!!! Well as for next step, i have to make an appointment with the doctor as see what can be done next. I am on nhs funding, and i was told that we get 2 fresh cycles only

So i am hoping that i can get another chance on nhs.

You let me know how you get on. A big hug from me


Aw Shirley bless u x

This is what I am worried about, I kno the next step for us is another cycle but icsi this time and I'm scared that still won't work x the embryologist said it is very rare icsi doesn't work but knowing our luck lately we will be that rare couple too x that will be my 2nd fresh cycle and apparently we get 3 fresh and 3 frozen that I wasn't aware off :/

I just feel so numb at the moment x me n hubby hav come away for the weekend to try n forget bout it but I'm finding it a little difficult xxxx

Thanku to everyone for ur kindness ❤️


Hi im so sorry to hear this.. it could be down to poor sperm quality as they pick the best swimmers but they do not test them. . I found out for an extra £300 you can have the sperm analized for any abnormalities this will give the best quality sperm.. I feel your pain hun we only had 1 fertlise but it ended up with a misscarriage due to cromosones of the sperm and egg.. I hope this helps when yoy have you next round of ivf and maybe ask to have icsi which gives a greater chance of fertilization for some x


Really sorry to hear this. You've sounded so positive over the last few weeks. Hold on to that if you can. Yes you will get two more fresh cycles and hopefully they will work out something to avoid having the same problems that you have just experienced. If next time you get some to freeze the you will have that to fall back on too.

Try to stay hopeful but if you're finding that difficult right now at least be kind to yourself. You've come a long way and it's not over yet :-)

Enjoy your weekend x


Thanks hunnie x

I have been feeling so positive but now that's all gone I'm so scared that icsi won't work and the egg won't mature and split or whatever it has to do :(

I just want a baby so so so so bad I really thought this would hav worked and we'd hav our bundle of joy may next yr :(

Hope ur pregnancy is all still goin well :) xxx


Hi Sarah. So sorry to hear of you situation. Thats a definate kick in the teeth. 100% insist on ICSI next time, which I am certain they will do anyway. My partners has grade A sperm but not enough of it, and they cannot swim very well as his semen does not liquify as much as it should so it was a no brainer. I ended.up with 16 out of 23 eggs being fertilised and I'm sure that wouldnt have the case if we had normal IVF. Certainly insist on answers. We are all in this rocky boat together so we can relate x


So sorry to hear this :( I wish you all the best for the future xx thinking of you x


So sorry to hear this. Our first cycle had only 1 fertilise & that didn't develop. You'll get through this.



Been up the clinic today and they are booking me in for IVF again x egg collection will be mid November and this time they will do icsi and my gonal f has been reduced to avoid OHSS and gettig 30eggs again x


Same thing happened to me . I was heartbroken. I only got 3 eggs none fertilised. They said my eggs were to immature .

The worst bit is knowing you have to go through it all again!!!.

I have my review on the 20th so I'm hoping they can do something.

Having 30 eggs for them to look at will give them a better idea what whent wrong.

With me having only 3 it's more difficult to say xx



, I am not an expert on fertility, and i don,t believe in chemical solutions, however i am a great believer in natural remedies, for instance i take selinium, daily in the form of Brazil nuts. Recently i read an article regarding infertility, aparantly if your body is lacking in selinium, the eggs will not be fertile, and the male sperm, has a problem, as the tail of the sperm detatches prematurly, preventing the sperm swimming to the egg. This could be simple solution to some couples, although if you are lacking in selenium, you would have to treat yourself for 6 to 8 months for the eggs to be fertile, and to build healthy sperm.

Could be worth trying for some couples, and as selenium is good for your heart, helps in the treatment of aids, and is great for the prostate in older men, maybe worth trying. Sardines are also a good scource of selinium.



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