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Hi ladies, just desperate for some positive support- finding it hard to talk to my hubby as I'm feeling frustrated and fed up, makes him even worse. We've had two 5 day blastocyst transferred Sunday morning, they are donor eggs as at 43 I was told after my first failed IVF , it was best chance of us conceiving. As most of you realise it's such a roller coaster ride all the drugs , we've got so far and now I feel so desperate and anxious. All I'm feeling is period pains, angry and upset . I know this isn't helping and in theory we have another week to go but I feel like I already know the answer. Sorry to go but going stir crazy waiting . :(

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Hi I know how you are feeling. I'm at the same stage and also having period pains. I'm also an emotional wreck & have struggled to keep calm. I have a relaxation cd by Helen McPherson (which is for IVF), it really helps me to chill out. I got it from Amazon. Also classical music helps me to relax too - although not my usual choice!! Good luck xxx


Thank u- think I've got the same cd. Does really help- have had loads of acupuncture too but running out of pennies now :/ trying to keep positive either way, life goes on and we'll cope some how. Good luck! Big wheelbarrow of baby dust for us both! X


hi I had blastocyst transferred on Wednesday - we opted for one though. what is your test date as you are a few days before me - I was given 5th which was only 9 days with it being a day 5 transfer so maybe you are at a stage where you would be able to test soon. its not good is it


My best advice would be breathe, long and deep, find some time to be totally self absorbed every day. It is without question the toughest journey I have ever been on, but for myself I learned it was best to just let my emotions happen and try not to get wound up with the what if's and maybe' s, because there is enough to deal with in each moment. Good luck all. Will be thinking of you. Got everything crossed.xx

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