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acupuncture??? thinking bout having it but am i too late???

i have been reading up on acupuncture and am interested in having it but am i too late. i am due egg collection on either weds or fri depending on how my scan goes on monday? on friday they said my follicles wasnt as big as they hoped so they may up my dose tomo depending on how they look??

what do people think is it worth it or not, am i too late to start it???

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hi I had it one session before starting the drugs and one whilst I was on the drugs, I have just had egg collection so im going back just before transfer. the women who did it said it was fine to start so late on. She has done different treatments each time depending on where you are up to. I don't know if it does anything but thought I would just try it


Hi, I've had it all the way along, in Norwich. I can highly recommend someone if you like? X


Ooooo yes pls Hun x I have seen online someone called Katie I think it was who specialises in infertility acupuncture x pm me their details if u wouldn't mind x do u not think it's too late to start now? Xxx


Never to late in fact the lady I see says she can help once the egg collection is done on preparing the womb for the transfer. Good luck with everything x


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