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Is it my cervix?!

I apologise if this is a weird or stupid question. I have no kids and have medical problems that are hindering conception.

In the bath the other day, I decided to check out my cervix (as you do). Initially I freaked out as it felt like I had two vaginal canals for a second. I then realised a finger-shaped protrusion into my vagina - I could move my finger all the way around it. My index finger could only reach about halfway up it so I couldn't find the source. I started panicking about a prolapse of some kind.

It gets wider the further it goes back, and the end is flat and feels sort of rough / dimpled. It's not painful and feels like muscle.

I'm assuming it might be my cervix - I don't go in there often but I've never felt it before and neither has my husband. I've had many gynae exams and laps and nothing abnormal has been noted in my vagina (I have endometriosis and possibly PCOS and I've had abnormal cervical cells removed about ten years ago).

I looked up some diagrams of the cervix and the shape of what I'm feeling doesn't make sense. I would go to the doctor but feel stupid rushing in there as a 32 year old woman and having them say "that's just your cervix, you idiot".

Is this probably my cervix? Is this elongated shape with a flat end normal? I couldn't feel an opening, just an uneven surface.

Sorry again if this is dumb!

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Also, I think that if I had an exam with a speculum, I think it could well be hidden behind the blades.

I should also add that it went away after sex, then returned. It's not painful at all, no feeling of bulging or abdominal pain, no new bladder or bowel issues.

Thanks to anyone that can help.


Yes. Depending on where you are in your cycle it kinda shifts up and down a bit. When you're preggers it's really high. Just before your period ( I seem to remember) it's lower...


Hi cupcakegirl. Well, I feel that if this is “new” to you, then I know I would want someone to have a look and see whether there is any abnormality of any kind. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask your GP, best to know what it is. Diane


I would say that the simple thing to do (if you don't want to walk into the docs and directly ask what it is) is to just book yourself a smear test: they will soon point out if there is a problem!!


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