Finally able to start my fet inthe nxt month

After having to cancel my fet for the 16th of june due to a suspected cyst in breast which the oestrogen was making flare up.well its not a cyst jst an enlarged milk duct :-)i thought it was going to b months until i was going to b able start again as i thought i was goin to have to have there any1 out there starting a natural fet in the next month or so.would like to have a cycle buddie/s :-) x

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  • Hi I am starting a natural frozen cycle in the next 8 weeks :)

  • glad im not on my own then many frosties do you have to transfer?i only have 1 and am a lil worried about the thaw but i got a 4aa egg so im hopin it'll will b RE says its the best of the best bt its just so scarey is'nt it.x

  • Hi it does get you anxious, I have 7 frozen, they have been frozen since OCT last year lol I am hoping one will work, I hear they have a 70% to 80% chance of surviving the thaw. They would not freeze them if they didn't have a chance so try not to worry, easier said then done as I am in same boat. x

  • Wow 7.thats fab.well done.the thaw is the part im most worried confident in my lil snowy many are you having on nhs so they only allow 1 at a time any way.which does my head in a lil as i wod like to have as much chance as possible to get pregers.x

  • Hi wanabmum I think we are having 2 transferred as they are frozen and have a lower chance, but according to the clinic we are at they are changing this to one being transferred due to too many multiple births but I am unsure when this is happening so hopeing to have 2 transferred still. When they thaw them our embryologist told us they would begin by thawing 2 to start with and if one survives and the other one does not, they will take another one out to thaw. x

  • Oh id lv to b able to have 2 transferd bt my clinic won't have none of it.i think it should b our right to decide how many of our eggs we have put back.have you got an exact date if when ur having ur transfer.x

  • Hi wanabmum no I have not got an exact date as yet as it will have to go by when my period starts after I have had my follow up appointment on the 13 August as ive just had a Laparoscopy on the 20th June. x

  • Me hopin its goin to b whn i get my nxt period.which is the 30th of ths month.i cnt c it bein long wth u eitha mind.hopefully we both b sorted wth in the nxt few wks.x

  • Hi my next period is due on the 25th of this month, then obviously ill have my appointment on the 13th of next month then my period after that one will be due on the 31st of August so I am hoping they let my start it in that cycle. Not too long considering I waited 5 months for my operation, this seems not as bad to wait 6 weeks.x

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