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Base line scan ... All looks well!


I was on pill for 3 weeks and started my down regs whilst still on the pill. Had my base line scan today and all is going to plan. 12 follicles in each ovary. Started period after finishing pill and so will start stims tomorrow evening. 2 weeks tomorrow will be egg collection.

Can't believe it's happening, it's part of our lives now and we're just getting on with it.

Feeling very lucky no major issues so far.... :-)

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Sounds like things are all going well. Pleased for you. It's a stressful time that's for sure. Good luck x

Hi, wow - 12 follicles on each ovary, that is an amazing start! I was told I had about 9 in total, before we started treatment, but as soon as I started stimming more popped up and I ended up with a really good number of eggs - 17. From those we had one put back and 5 frozen, so to start with 12 follicles is great! Good luck and 'just getting on with it' worked for me :-) xxxx

Belle-7- in reply to jenny34

Hi jenny34 fantastic news that it works for you so have you had your baby ? is not how far are you I'm so excited to start yet so nervous if it fails I don't know what I will do!!! X

jsth1979 in reply to jenny34

I know I was really pleased. When I was on clomid I had a healthy amount of follicles then too ... it's developing the eggs now as this is what my body couldn't do before... fingers crossed.

I'm so busy at work and at home I barely have tim to sit and think about what is happening!

Hi Belle, sorry I didnt make it clear above, but our fresh cycle did fail, which is why starting FET this cycle :-) try to stay positive, it can take a few 'gos' I think but it is not over yet for any of us xxx

omg i am so excited for u x as if in two weeks ull be having ur egg collection x how r u finding wymondham clinic? my referral was finally posted on thursday and apparently has to go to cambridge first to be checked over? did this happen for u x how long did u have to wait from ur hosp actually posting the referral till u heard from wyhmondham with a date for ur first seminar? and did they weigh u again?

sorry so many questions im just scared and sick of waiting xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi sunny Sarah, it's ok! Wymondham clinic is brilliant but I don't have anything to compare it to as this is our first time around... And hopefully a successful one! Bourn Hall's 'head office' is in Cambridge and so I think all referrals go through there. Also if there are any particular complications they may say you need to go to Cambridge for procedures (the only thing they said we would have to go there for is egg collection IF I wanted to be under general anaesthetic as they only sedate you at Wymondham).

My fertility clinic posted our referral on the 17th march and we had our first seminar on 31st march... Our first private consultation was one week after that...So not a huge wait at all! After that it all depended on my cycle (which are naturally very long) hence why there was a 'delay' in my treatment but that was only due to me. They work out your treatment according to your body... So they tell you all this in the first appointment. So it may seem as though they're not starting straight away. It can be up to 3 months before you have your egg collection as it depends on your cycle and how you resound to treatment. Don't worry though as they will explain it all to you.

My weight is fine so I have only been weighed once during the fertility treatment process. Everyone is different though so they may weigh you again if this has been an issue.

The nurses are fantastic and they treat you so well. It's very professional and discreet. It doesn't look like a clinic or hospital from the outside or in... In fact not until you are in the consultation/treatment rooms is there anything 'clinical' about it. So if you're like me and hate hospitals and dentists and doctors surgeries it's great :-)

Keep me posted on how you're doing!


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