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What next?

I have been TTC for 2 years. In Feb last year I was diagnosed with high prolactin and put on Bromocriptine. My periods went a bit wonky and it took some time for the levels of prolactin to come down, but eventually I got pregnant in September. Unfortunately, I had a mmc, and lost the baby completely in November. I have been on Bromocriptine again since December, and although my levels of prolactin are within the normal range now, they are still a bit high. I am doing OPKs, and I seem to be ovulating, although the 7-day post ovulation progesterone tests are usually on the low side (which I guess suggests my ovulation is not of "good quality") I had an endocrinologist appointment a couple of weeks ago and asked about progesterone supplementation. They said we needed to regulate my periods first and then, if I still don't get pregnant, get referred to a fertility clinic. They gave me another appointment for the end of June, but on Thursday I got a letter delaying my appointment until August! I am starting to feel like this is a drawn-out process and like I am really not listened to or anybody cares. I am considering going to a local fertility clinic that have an initial free consultation, but I am worried that I will end up going down a road that is going to cost a lot of money. And, what is worse, I am fearful that I will end up with two doctors telling me different things, and I won't know who to follow. Any advice anybody? I am starting to think that I need to take matters into my own hands or nothing will happen...

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Hi lady123. First of all, I was sorry to hear of the missed miscarriage you suffered last year, but I doubt a straightforward answer as to why this happened will be found. The problem you have at the moment with your high prolactin levels, can sometimes take a little while to control, so look at your delayed appointment as a good thing, as it will give the bromocriptine more time to hopefully get your level back down and achieve “good” ovulation. It is good that you have been referred to an endocrinologist, as he/she

will carry out further tests on all your hormones and keep an eye on the level of drug you need. I must admit, I think I would advise you to stay with your endocrinologist until your hormones are balanced, and then seek treatment with an infertility specialist if still needed. The endocrinologist will advise you soon enough about that if necessary. I do wish you well with the eventual outcome. Diane


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