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feel so gutted!! after downregs meds, had the bleed, but now i cant start the stimulation this cycle, because the scan showed that my uterus

lining isnt thin enough. its 7.1mm. has this happend to anyone else? now i need to make an appoitment with the consultant, god knows how that will take? the clinic said i mite need to have a biopsy of the uterus before we start the stims. im feeling so down. i cant even share my feelings with anyone, so im sharing my feelings here with u guys.

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hi hun,i've no experience in this, but it is better to wait and get your womb as healthy as possible, and therefore increase you chance of success rather than continue in poor conditions. tis happened to me on my last cycle, which had to be halted to have a polyp removed, i then started again once recovered and was successful. good luck x


thank u flowergirl.i understand that its better to get the womb in he right condition. but i feel its taking for ever, i was referred to fertility clinic in november 2012. i have been waiting. after starting the downregs, i had a bit of hope that things are moving..... but again another halt. no one in my family or friends knows that we are having ivf, so this is only place i can find to share


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