Has anybody had time laps imaging with their cycle and found it a positive?

Final app before first appointment with nurse today an the dr told me and husband about time laps imagery, it's an extra £700 which is such a lot of money when already paying out £4000! The dr said it gives 5% higher chance. I'm already in the highest category for success, I just wondered if it is really worth it? I don't want a failed cycle and be thinking what if?? X

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  • Hi HannahM. You probably already know that developing embryos are removed from the incubator each day to check their development. Using time lapse technology leaves them in the incubator, and they are studied "on screen". This way, it is less invasive, which I feel can only be good for them. Probably won't be too long before all embryos are treated in this way. That's all I can say really, but I do wish you well with the outcome. Diane

  • good luck x i am having this done as i wanted the best possible chances of it working as its a lot to go through and i felt it was a good option to take xx

  • Thanks ladies!! Wishing all the luck for you both too! I guess it can only be a positive xxx

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