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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have just had my 1st appointment at the infertility clinic and advised I need to get a laparoscopy to make sure there is no blockage in my tubes. Is there any sort of time frame for when you actually start treatment to help me conceive? Been trying for almost 2 years now and just sick of having to guess everything as I don't feel they are clear about things. Think am just having bad day and everything is going through my mind. Thanks x

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  • Hi, It does take along time to get through everything, depending on how many tests you need, before you can actually start the treatment I think all in all it has taken us 2 years to have all the tests &finally started Ivf treatment 2 weeks ago but try to stay positive and trust that they wouldn't be suggesting these tests if they didn't think it was worth it. Good luck x

  • Sounds very very familiar. How's the treatment going?

  • Your fertility clinic should organise that procedure for you. I've been through it all and after three and a half years we're waiting for an IVF consultation. The laparoscopy is not very nice but it is worth it. Take painkillers before hand and have the rest of the afternoon off as I didn't and wish I had. It is a little painful but it was more so for me as I didn't take and pain killers.

    I had my laparoscopy well over a year ago and since then we have had two rounds of clomid of 6 months each. Both unsuccessful so we're going down IVF route.

    A lot of it is a waiting game and patience has never been my virtue. But they do all these tests to make sure if you do fall pregnant there are fewer health problems and you can actually get pregnant.

    You are not alone x

  • Hello Hun. This is the same as me. I had my laparoscopy as had ectopic and removal of right tube on 2005. Just had it 11 days ago they had to remove left tube and do adhesiolosis on bowel uterus and abdomen. Now off is only way they told me 2-3 months wait then I got a letter saying I have apt on 25th this month was so pleased. Don't know what area your in don't know if its different, but mine happened so quickly. I'll let you know how I get on if you like. When's your op. Xx

  • Hi, Thanks for your reply. so glad things went quickly for you. I am in lanarkshire area in Scotland. We have been thinking about going private but when you add up how much all the tests are and aftercare ect it all mounts up. I've not got date yet for op:-( Patience is not my strong point at the moment lol Hope everything goes well for you x

  • Tell me about it!!!!I'm literally counting the hours till out appt. Mum keeps telling me not to let it take over my life but its so hard!!! Thank you, same to you. You'll be fine re. The op. Ive taken a while to heel but they did quite a bit of work inside me. I'm still tender on day 11!!! Keep us posted Hun xx

  • Hi, same for me, if going through the NHS, these all take longer, so it can be months between tests and getting the results. It should bequicker if you are going private, but these all add to the expense. Good luck. x

  • Hi. They have to run a series of test first to rule out what the problem is. Sometimes after getting that test done woman get pregnant right away. (Unblocks stuff! Lol) but if everything is normal they should start you on Clomid pills. Listen, it's a process. Be patient. There gonna be ups and downs. Try to stay positive and know it is a process. I'm currently in the process at the tail end of it. It's tough but definitely worth it. Good Luck

  • It's taken almost two years since first consulting specialist to have all tests ,and was unsuccessful with clomid. I have pcos. Had my first appointment at Manchester at beginning of jan , 3 month wait for blood results!!!, then we will have our first consultation for ivf, then docs said it's an 18 week wait for ivf to start.

    Everything takes so long!!!, I'm sure the docs hope you will just get pregnant in the wait for these appointments

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